Saturday, 15 January 2011

QUIS - Quick & Simple

Most of you know that I am not much of a cook; although I like to prepare something nice for my guests and am certainly not the worst pizza-maker on the planet, I simply can't be bothered to spend much time in the kitchen when it is just myself, and therefore most of the time, my meals consist of muesli (for breakfast) and cheese sandwiches (in the evenings), with plenty of chocolate and other sweets as well as a regular supply of fruit complementing my diet.

The other night, I actually switched on my kitchen stove and made myself something different for dinner. I had some leftovers in my fridge that needed eating or throwing away very soon, and as I was taught from an early age that food is not to be wasted, I decided to use those bits and fix a QUIS meal - quick & simple.

What I had was a chunk of goat cheese, three eggs, and a pot of basil growing on my window sill, plus a fresh loaf of bread that I had bought that same day.

The goat cheese was diced and some of the basil leaves added:

When the cheese began to melt in the hot pan, I added the eggs which I had spiced with a bit of salt and black pepper.

In no time, the eggs were done, and I enjoyed them with a few slices of buttered bread.

As I said - a QUIS meal!


  1. The simplest is always the best! The bread looks great!!!!! ;-) Makes me hungry!

  2. Looks so good I've decided to have scrambled eggs for supper! I have no basil at hand so will substitute green onion...wish I had basil.

  3. Anonymous, the bread tastes as great as it looks :-)

    Jill, green onions are going to add just that extra bit of spice to your scrambled eggs - I would have used them, too.

  4. What a great meal! It sounds like you're making "baby steps" towards the kitchen & cooking! LOL!! It's a great start! Thanks for the great comments on my blog! Have a wonderful day!


  5. Hello Mary, somehow I don't think that my general eating habits will change anytime soon... much as I liked my little QUIS meal. Very likely the next time I turn on the stove will be in March, when I will have friends and family over for my birthday.
    You too have a wonderful day!

  6. ...looks great..i love that lttle box of eggs...

    i should have eaten the berries as they were...

  7. Since you don't cook, I presume you have near-by places you eat? Do you have access to what we call fast food? Or take-away dinners?

  8. My Farmhouse Kitchen, if I do buy eggs, I always buy them in a small box. Otherwise I'd end up throwing some out, and I do not want that.

    Jill, yes, of course there are plenty of eateries about - I just do not need to have a hot meal every day, it makes me tired.
    But I get taken out for dinner quite often and I can also go to my mum's whenever I wish :-)
    Actually, I enjoy cooking when I know there is someone coming for dinner. I simply can't be bothered to spend much time in the kitchen when it is just myself and the cat.

  9. Oh I understand not wanting to cook for oneself; if I lived alone I would never cook! After a lifetime of cooking, first for family then for husband, I would simply eat from the deli every day.
    PS...I went back through your blog trying to find mention of how an English girl (you) came to live/work in Germany. I am curious ... can you tell me or is this too personal a 'thing' for a blog?

  10. No secret about it, Jill - I am not English, I am German and was born and raised here. My husband was from Yorkshire, and England feels to me almost as much "home" as my birth place, where I still live :-)

  11. Well thank you for setting me straight. I was mentally devising many scenarios bringing you to Germany :-) One of the things that made me think you were English is that you refer to your mother as 'Mum' and I just naturally jumped to an English conclusion. Silly, I know.

  12. It is not at all silly, Jill - I guess as you always read me in English and never in German, and I do mention my family in England from time to time, it is quite natural to come to that conclusion.
    It would actually quite interesting to know some of the scenarios you had in mind for me :-)