Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Does anyone else have a problem uploading pictures?

Dear fellow inhabitants of blogland,

does anyone else have problems today uploading pictures?

You know I know how to do it - there is hardly any post on my blog without at least one picture, so I somehow don't think that this is due to my own inability.

There is a recipe I want to post, with pictures of course, and no matter what I do, they won't show. I have signed out of blogger and signed back in, thinking maybe something has messed up during this particular session, but to no avail.
The odd thing is that I do not get an error message, either; the site "behaves" as if the pictures were uploading, but they don't.

What to do?


  1. It is probably best to try it again tomorrow. I would not be surprised if it suddenly is working again... Someone from our IT-Hotline at work once said, that part of computers is always like ...voodoo... ;-)

  2. A few days ago I had the problem you experienced. It worked the next morning. Perhaps tomorrow.... PS Unless I am imagining things the picture uploader has just added a new bar at the bottom to tell one how much has been uploaded. Could they have been upgrading it?

  3. Yes, 12, that's why we need the voodoo masters to deal with our computer problems :-)

    GB, I am definitely going to try again today. Why do upgrades so often mean something is not working, though? Some upgrades are, in my opinion, not at all necessary - why faff with things that are perfectly alright as they are?

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