Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Yorkshire Holiday 2016: Matchbox Cottage

Hello dear readers,

Yes, I am back - back home (last night), back at the office (first day today), and "fully" back at blogging after my brief foray into "live" blogging.
The 680 photos I took during the last 2 weeks have been transferred from camera to computer, and sorted; quite a few were deleted because they were either not what I  wanted, or because I took several shots of the same situation just to make sure I got at least one of them right.
Still, there are more than 500, and I wonder just how many I can pester you with over the next weeks!

Let me start with Matchbox Cottage, the wonderful self-catering holiday home in Ripon my sister and I have rented now for the third year in a row.

My bedroom (upstairs, with en-suite shower and toilet):

 Front door; second picture here shows the upstairs window to my room:

 View from front door:

Front room/living/dining room:

Our private garden, tucked away nicely behind high hedges:

 My sister's room:

Kitchen (you wouldn't have guessed!):

The 2014 pictures are here and the ones from 2015 here. Hardly anything has changed this time, but in my bedroom (upstairs) new carpet was laid. As before, everything was spic and span when we arrived, and our kind hosts had provided us with some groceries to tide us over until we'd get a chance to go food shopping.

Now you've got the scene all set for our Yorkshire Holiday 2016!


  1. Looks like a perfect holiday cottage... So I can easily understand if you choose to go back there as well! :)

    1. It is perfect for us! Location-wise, too - so close to the market square, my mother-in-law's, the bus station etc., and yet quiet and set back from the road.

  2. Such a pretty place to have a holiday. I'd have returned too!

  3. At least I know where to stay if a friend and I do ever get around to going down there. It still looks pretty idyllic to me. Last time I stayed there we rented a flat somewhere near or on the High Street.

  4. I can highly recommend it, Graham! Either the cottage or a room at the B&B - they give you a really good breakfast there :-)

  5. It is a beautiful place - just the kind of English house one has read about.