Sunday, 6 August 2017

What I Took Home

Every year, I make sure to take some things home with me from Yorkshire. And every year, two things feature in my "souvenir package": chocolate and books!
This year was no different, although I did not bring as much chocolate as in previous years, and not quite so many books.

The tweed handbag I bought at The Great Yorkshire Show. Of course one could argue that Harris Tweed has nothing to do with Yorkshire, but I liked the colour and design, and the price was really good, too. (Three of the four of us walked away from that booth with new handbags!) It came with a free wallet, too; I chose the one to the left of the bag, with the yellow stripe in the Tartan pattern.

The books were bought at different shops throughout Ripon, our favourite being The Little Ripon Bookshop. The tops, scarves and bracelets etc. are all gifts from my mother-in-law. Last Christmas, her parcel for me and my family was lost, and she generously went, bought and gift-wrapped presents for all of us again! I never expected her to do that, and was quite overwhelmed when she brought in all the gifts for us to unwrap, there was even something for my parents.

The tea towel with the fox print was a surprise find at Ripley Castle's shop - you know I simply had to buy it! The socks with the fox my sister bought for me at Manchester Airport. She also gave me the sticky notes with the fox and flowers print.

When I saw the "superb peanut butter salted chocolate" bar, I could not resist! It was the first time I have come across "The Adult Chocolate Company". I have not tried it yet, since I am keeping it for when O.K. comes to my place next. 

All of them small items I did not "need", strictly speaking, but which I will be putting to good use.


  1. Oh wow, I love all the things you brought home with you - the bag is great and will be used a lot I'm sure, and the fox motif is such fun (as love them and they love my garden!). Plenty of good reading time ahead too.
    Mary -

    1. Thank you, Mary! Yes, I am looking forward to the cooler season just so that I can use my new handbag, and I know I will enjoy those books.

  2. I'm glad to see that you supported my home Island by buying Harris Tweed which, despite its name, is largely handwoven on Lewis.

    1. Remember, I even bought a bottle of Harris Gin last year for O.K., upon your recommendation :-)