Saturday, 4 November 2017

Still Catching Up: A September Walk

The 24th of September was not only Election Day in Germany. It was also, after a very foggy start, a beautiful sunny day. I had returned from my September holiday with O.K. (you have seen almost all the pictures from our time in Zurich and hikes in the Black Forest) the day before and was now using the weekend at home for catching up with things like washing, ironing and other householdy stuff. My sister suggested a walk, and walk we did!

We drove a short distance to a place we knew very well, and walked from there. Two years ago in November, we walked there, too, and it was a beautiful sunny day then as well. You can see the pictures and compare them to this year's pictures, if you like; click here and here for the 2015 posts. As autumn had been doing its work on the landscape for several more weeks back then, there were a lot more colours than this time - but it was still a beautiful walk, still very green at the end of September.

Near this wall we put our coats on the ground and had a picnic - courtesy of my sister, who had prepared sandwiches for both of us, which was a most welcome and lovely surprise.

Eventually, we made our way back through the woods, trying out different paths from before, until we reached the parking lot again. It was early afternoon, still plenty of time to go voting.
The rest of that Sunday I spent quietly at home, getting ready for the last week of September and then October - this year, a very busy time for me work-wise. And now, a glimpse at the calendar tells me that in only 3 weeks' time, our Christmas Market will open! Work is still very busy (and will remain so until at least the end of January), but I am looking forward to all my pre-Christmas activities already.

And of course, right now I am looking forward to spending another weekend at O.K.'s - I'm off to catch the train in about 2 1/2 hours.


  1. Just come over from Jennifer’s blog.

    Xxxxx (for 5th Nov).


  2. Enjoy your weekend. (I am so late wishing you that, that the weekend is nearly over.) The weather is so strange this year. We have not had the fall color we often do, and I wonder if it is the same in your area. I looked at your other posts of this walk, though they were later in November. But there is a lot of gold color.

    1. Thank you, Kristi.
      The weather was very strange this weekend. When I arrived at O.K.'s on Saturday around lunch time, it was really warm - about 20 Celsius! Over night, it rained a lot and kept doing so almost all Sunday. We managed to fit in a short walk when it wasn't raining on Sunday afternoon, and it was so cold I wished I had brought my gloves.

  3. What a lovely area to walk in! My only complaint is that you used the term "parking lot". This is an Americanism. Here in the womb of the English language we say "car park".

    1. It truly is a lovely area, Neil, and we are glad to have it relatively nearby. As for the Americanism - well, I am not a native speaker, and so I pick up words here and there. And although I sound more Yorkshire than anything else when I speak English, the American influence on my English (mainly due to the time when Americans were an important part of my home town) is still noticeable at times.