Saturday 18 April 2009

On The Bridge

There is a railway bridge I often cross during my lunch break on the way to the bakery and back.

Sometimes I stop in the middle, and look down along the rails going South. For some reason I can not really put a finger on, I hardly ever look the other way.

Northbound, the next stop is my home town. And then, further and further up North, all the way through Germany, eventually to Denmark, and beyond.
Southbound is equally well known to me; the next bigger stop being Stuttgart. After that, the rest of South Germany to where it borders Switzerland at Lake Constance.

Literally, I have travelled in both directions many times. Looking at how the rails lead away into the distance often makes me think about how I could, really, just do it - get away, give my life a different direction, change it (and change myself in the process), and leave situations, places and people behind.

What is stopping me?
And what will eventually win - my own cowardice or the excitement that travelling can bring?

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