Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer's End

It makes me sad, but it can not be denied: summer is coming to a close, and autumn is just around the corner.

More often than not, we get many a sunny day in September, and even in October temperatures can still reach a pleasant high during the day, but the substantial part of summer - what seemed to be an endless row of hot days spent in bright sunshine out in the garden, on the fields or at the public swimming pool when I was a kid - is over.

As every year, my feelings are mixed; much as I love the colourful changes to the world around me and the richness of fruit and nuts that are part of the onset of the colder half of the year, I do miss the long evenings of light and the possibility to walk around with very little fabric on me without feeling cold.

My parents have been to their allotment today, and on their way home stopped at my place to bring me apples, tomatoes and brambles.

Half of the tomatoes I had for dinner, with fresh basil leaves from the potted basil on one of the window sills in my kitchen. The brambles will go on my muesli tomorrow morning for breakfast. The apples will keep a while, so for now, they sit in the fruit bowl on my kitchen table.

Yes, I like late summer and autumn.
Still, I don't want this summer to end just yet.
It's been really good.

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