Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Gone Crazy

Today's weather, that is.
And actually, it is only what we can expect in April in this part of the world; there is a German saying: "April, April, der
macht was er will" (April does what it wants - which does not rhyme in English, that's why I put it in German) and it is certainly true today!

When I left the house this morning at a quarter to nine, it was raining and rather chilly at only 11 Celsius or so (as opposed to 23 ye
sterday, with everybody walking around short-sleeved and the ice cream parlours in town having every seat on the pavement taken plus queues at the counters for takeaway). In Fahrenheit, that's 51 today and 71 yesterday.

During the morning,
the sun came out, so when I left the office of a friend where I work for a few hours every now and then, I did not need my umbrella. It is merely a 15 minute walk from there to my house, but that was enough for the wind to pick up to almost storm speed and the sky turning from blue to slate grey - I only just made it to my front door when the rain started again.

While I was taking a break and finally catching up on my weekly paper (it was last week's issue I had not even touched yet), guess what - the sun decided to come back, which prompted me to take a few pictures:

The view from my kitchen window

Lilac in all its beautiful shades (and the scent!)
Cherry blossoms, only inches from my window (which means I can pick cherries directly from my kitchen when they are ripe - very convenient!!)

Not much later, when I was just wondering whether to take advantage of the sun and go to the gym now instead of tomorrow, all of a sudden the sky turned so dark I had to switch the light on, and thunder was rumbling somewhere in the not-so-far distance.

Well, it's all in a day's work :-)

Oh, and before I forget - here is an update on the tiny pots of forgetmenots I wrote about some time ago:

They look ready for being transferred into more spacious quarters, don't they?


  1. You have such a nice view from your kitchen, even in winter. The lilacs are so pretty; mine are just coming into bloom.

  2. Yes, I like that view all year round. We've had some really warm and sunny days, and everything out there simply exploded in colour and scent!

  3. What a beautiful view! Your weather sound like mine in New England. They saying goes "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change." Yesterday was sunny and cool, today it's raining and raw! The heats on, the heats off!

    Happy to hear you made it to your door in time!

  4. It is beautiful, isn't it, Mary! The elderly lady who owns that garden is doing a good job; there is not one week during spring, summer and autumn when there aren't the most colourful and pretty flowers out. It does not look it, but what she planted must have been really well thought through and organized.