Tuesday 6 September 2011

Taking a Break

As mentioned earlier this month, there is still some catching up to do (yes, I still want to tell you more about the GamesCom and write about Patience, and Gratitude, and some other stuff such as Lost in Time and Space), but tomorrow afternoon, RJ and I will board the plane that is supposed to take us to Mallorca (or Majorca, as the island is probably named on your maps if you are neither German nor Spanish).

Ever since I have started on the new job on the 2nd of May, I have not had a proper break - the week in Cologne was too exhausting to count as a break, and although I am by no means stressed out (that's the great thing about my job: I can pace my tasks as I see them necessary, and even though I am employed, it often feels as if I am self-employed, or working free-lance, with no boss constantly looking over my shoulder. And believe me, I do work, even though urban legend has it that I do nothing but sunbathe on my window sill all day, coffe mug in hand), it will be nice to add another week to The Summer We Did Not Have, and have no worry in the world except for getting up in time so as not to miss breakfast.

Pukky will take care of everything here (well, she will have some help from my parents; she does not have thumbs, after all - which reminds me, have you ever had the chance to read my short story, "How the Cat Lost Its Thumbs"? - oh, look, I'm doing it again - digressing... just goes to show, I really can do with a break!).

And you can be certain my camera will be going with me!

Regarding Mallorca as a place for vacation - I have never been there, and must confess I have lots of prejudice against it. Every time someone asks me where I'm going, I hesitate to tell them and feel almost as if I had to publicly admit that I am an avid reader of Germany's BILD paper (which I am NOT) - the BILD being the equivalent of the UK's SUN (sorry, don't know the equivalent for other countries; just imagine the worst tabloid piece possible). And then, every time I do admit that I am going, in fact, to Mallorca, I get the same reaction: Everonye invariably tells me what a great place they've heard (or experienced) the island is, as long as one does not go to the infamous place where the sunburnt Brits and Germans drink Sangria from buckets (I am not kidding you!) through long straws and are drunk non-stop for the entire duration of their stay.

Just as you can be certain that I'll take my camera, you can be certain that I am not going to drink Sangria at all (don't like the stuff), let alone with a straw out of a bucket. Instead, RJ and I are looking forward to walks on the beach and in the nature reserve close to the village where we are staying, the occasional dip in the Mediterranean (if it is warm enough for my liking) or the hotel pool, and generally doing NOTHING.

So, until next week Wednesday or so, I'll say good-bye!


  1. Nature reserve. Now you are talking. Dips in the ocean, talking again!
    The horrible paper here is called the National Enquirer. UGH. Its so mean........
    Have a super time.

  2. Have a wonderful time "doing nothing" in a beautiful and interesting place. Hope the ocean will be warm and the beaches full of amazing shells. I'm sure the company will be good for you!

  3. Enjoy your holidays and I am sure you will like the island and nature over there. What you fear is only a very very small part of Mallorca and one can easily avoid it.

  4. Wishing you and RJ a lovely holiday and will be waiting with baited breath (what is that really?) for your trip report and photos.

  5. Have a great vacation! I've always wanted to go there! And sorry to miss your previous post. Such lovely pics!

  6. Have a wonderful time! I have always wanted to go there. I can't wait to see what you think.


  7. Thank you, Julie, I am determined to have just that :-) And thank you for telling me about the NE.

    Kristi, thank you, I am sure it will be! As for shells - I'm not much of a collector, maybe just one as a souvenir.

    12, that's exactly what everyone says - and I guess I'll see for myself that it is true :-) Thanks!

    Jill, thank you! That report will come, promise!

    Thank you, Frances! I wonder whether they'll serve cocktails for 12 Euros... ;-)

    GB, thank you - but don't be so formal with me, no need to address me with Sie :-)

    Sonia, thanks! And the previous post is still there, so you haven't really missed it.

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I'll let you know what it was like for me.

  8. It looks very dangerous, that lady in the window!!

  9. Hoping you and your fellow have a lovely time!
    Oh, and I love your story about the cats. It's a good story for anyone but I think it would be a perfectly wonderful children's book...

  10. Looking forward to your pics!! Have a wonderful time.

  11. I'm looking forward to your pictures as well. I have no preconceptions of Mallorca except that the name always sounded romantic. Have a ball.

  12. Anonymous, don't worry, the lady is perfectly safe and at home on that window sill, and has been for years :-)

    Kay, thank you, we did! Maybe my sister reads this; the cat story is hers as much as mine.

    Thank you, Mary!

    Nan, there will be some pictures soon.

    Mark, much of what I expected to find there was true, but I was also in for a few surprises.