Friday, 28 December 2012

Post # 400: Guest Post With Recipe

It's been a while since my Mum's last guestpost here, and since several of you were asking for the recipe for my Dad's spuds salad and I was nearing the 400th post of my blog, I find it only fitting that this post combines both - another guest post by my Mum and my Dad's recipe :-)
By the way, I didn't even have to ask for it - my Mum read your comments and my replies to them, wrote up the guest post and the recipe and sent it to me yesterday afternoon, shortly before our relatives arrived.
And now, without further ado, I am handing over to my Mum:

"Now Christmas is over, but we expect some more relations from Paris/France today, three teenagers and three adults. We haven't seen them for ages, the one boy I even do not know yet. So I am looking forward to our getting together, and my daughters both as well, I guess.
I want to thank all those who admired my table-setting, our Christmas tree and also those of you who bought socks and hats from my Etsy shop this year!
I read that some of Meike's followers are very interested in the potato salad my husband makes. So I will show you the recipe now here. It is a bit difficult to write up the recipe, because he never takes any measures or scales, he "feels" the right quantities. But I'll try for you:

1 kg of hard-boiling potatoes, the best over here are coming from northern Germany from the heath landscape with sandy soil
1 onion, minced in smal cubes
1 cup of hot broth

1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons neutral-tasting oil (sunflower or something, NOT olive oil)
2 tablespoons vinegar (not balsamico, better from wine or apples)
some freshly ground pepper
a pinch of sugar

Boil the potatoes, peel them and let them sit to cool. Cover the bowl, so that the potatoes don't get hard on the surface. You best do this in the morning if you need the salad for the evening.
Cut the potatoes into thin slices and spice them. Then pour the broth over them. The potatoes will absorb the broth entirely. Then add the oil and vinegar to it, and last the minced onion. 

The salad has to rest now for at least an hour, better two, not too cold, never in the fridge!

And now I wish you all a very happy New Year, good health to everyone, good luck, 365 good days!

Those flowers are called here "Christrosen", they only blossom at wintertime. In our garden we have a lot of them, and amazingly, there were bees flying around, in the month of December!!! We have temperatures like spring-time now. And the smaller flowers in the bowl are called "Schneeheide", that means "snow-heather", we also have a lot of them, so I could make this bunch for decorating my brunch table on boxing day."

- - - End of guest post - - -

Thank you very much, Mum & Dad, for sharing the recipe!
One question from me: do you stir the spuds every time you add something to the mix, or do you just let it rest and only stir it after an hour or so? 

As for the relatives visiting, I had never seen my cousin's son before; he was born in 1998, and I had last seen my cousin in 1985 or so. My other cousin, his wife and their two daughters had been here 8 years ago for my Mum's 60th birthday. Now the little girls from back then are young ladies wih trendy finger nails :-) It was lovely to see them again, and I think for my Mum, it was something of a Christmas wish come true. On Christmas Eve, she had been talking about wanting to see her family, and a day or two later, they rang and said they were coming over for a few days.
I am not sure yet what is on the cards today, but I think we'll all meet up again later.


  1. Lovely recipe, Meike’s mum. Thank you very much. What kind of broth does Meike’s dad use? Home made or Wuerfel? Chicken or what?

    We had the obligatory Kartoffelsalat too for Christmas Eve but I use a mixture of mayo and vinaigrette. Broth sounds better, mayo is too rich. I also cut hard boiled eggs into the mix and add grain mustard and a couple of finely chopped gherkins to the sauce.

    Happy New Year to all of you from a very soggy Shropshire.

    1. Happy New Year to you, too!
      My Mum decorated the bowls of Kartoffelsalat with halves of hard boiled eggs.

  2. Hello Friko,
    thank you for your nice comment. Your sort of Kartoffelsalat also sounds good!
    My husband mostly uses Würfel (cubes) of Rindfleischbrühe (beef), only if we have some left over home made broth, he will use this of course. Never chicken, I think it tastes too special.

  3. Wonderful, thanks so much for this great recipe! Our potato salad is usually made with mayonnaise, but I have seen recipes that use vinegar, and guess what, it is called German potato salad! (Didn't know quite how to make it that way, but NOW I do!)
    And I also loved not only your tree with real candles, but your beautiful table setting. In fact, I think that table would make a nice Christmas Card!
    Now, I must also say how wonderful it was of you to include the Christmas ornament along with the socks that I ordered! My in-laws are THRILLED with them! And the mother of the little baby is very pleased as well, and the ornament will be TREASURED by the young family and will be hung with pride as a memento of the baby's FIRST Christmas, so THANK YOU so very much for that!
    One thing I must ask you, do you remember the painting that inspired the colorful women's socks? They are very yellow/orangish...and once I ordered them, I didn't write the name of the painting down...can you remember and tell me so I can let my mother-in-law know? If you can't, that's okay, I just wondered...
    Thanks again, for the recipe and for getting this post together...
    Oh dear, my comment is getting too long, Meike will tell you, I am like this sometimes!
    KAY :-)

    1. Hello Kay,
      maybe it is the painting called "Wartende Häuser", that means "Waiting Houses"?
      Thank you for your comment, I am so happy that you liked my little surprise!

    2. Kay, please make your comments as long as you want them to - this one is almost like a small guest post in their own right :-)
      I know my Mum does such things as including a Christmas ornament because it is just her own kind heart, but of course she is happy when she sees someone appreciating her small gestures so much.

    3. Meike,
      Of course, I had to look up kartoffsalat on Google. Then I thought, of course, it's German potato salad. They sell that in grocery delis. Not sure if it's made like your Dad's. I want to try it, for sure. Funny, how certain foods we think belong to certain holidays. Potato salad is a must-have on our Independence Day lunch!
      happy new year to you, your Mum and Dad and extended family!

    4. Thank you, Norma!
      Yes, for us, Kartoffelsalad is very much part of Christmas, but we have it throughout the year, too. It is a firm favourite at barbecues, for instance :-)

  4. My husband loves German cooking, so i'll have to do this as a New Year surprise for him.

    Lovely flowers!

  5. Hello messymimi,
    that's a good idea, I am sure, your husband will enjoy this! We usually eat it with sausage, but also with breadcrumbed and fried scallop.

  6. What is the broth? Is it the same as stock? What I really want are the sausages. English ones just aren't the same!

    1. Yes, Frances, I guess you can call it stock. He he maybe my Mum should start an Etsy shop for German sausages next ;-)

  7. Thank you for sharing that recipe. I too would like to try to make it. I am glad you specified beef stock cubes cause I would have certainly messed that one up! I love the idea for putting German Sausages in the Etsy shop! I think she would have quite a run on the store! ;) I hope you all have a wonderful visit with your family and a Happy New Year!

    1. You are welcome :-)
      Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

  8. Your father is so generous to share his special recipe. Please thank him! I will try it. My mother sometimes made a German potato salad but it had bits of bacon in it, and I think was quite different, no broth. This sounds delicious.
    There is a German butcher online, Steiglmeier, from which I buy presents of my son in law and also for myself from time to time! This is for Americans since the shop is in Illinois. My daughter had a Weisswurst breakfast the day of her wedding. It was so much fun and so delicious.

    1. Yes, potato salad recipes vary from region to region (and of course from family to family), and everyone considers theirs to be the "classic" way :-)

  9. I meant also to say how I love the flowers, Helleborus, I think. It would not live here and we don't have any bees with our ten inches of snow from two days ago.

    1. Too cold for the bees now here, too; at the moment, 4 Celsius (as opposed to almost 15 Celsius on Christmas Eve).

  10. Dear Meike and Meike's Mum!

    It is so good to have internet back and be able to visit your blog again! And wouldn't you know it I arrive just as you share the recipe for one of my favorite German dishes! I will be trying that, maybe even for New Year's Eve! Your flowers are beautiful! In Savannah, right now, the camellia bushes are blooming everywhere and it is just beautiful. I am always grateful for flowers that bloom in the winter!

    I'm glad you are having such a wonderful visit with your family and that you got to see each other again after so many years!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!! Hugs, Silke

    1. Hello Silke,
      I think, you will like the potato-salad!
      The year 2012 seems to be the year of the reunions: In summer our dear Australian friends, and now the young families from Paris- it was really great for me!

    2. Thank you, Silke! I am glad this blog post came at the right time for you, and I hope you will let us know through your blog when/if you make this Kartoffelsalat for New Year's Eve :-)

  11. I shall make your Dad's version of the Kartoffelsalat one day when The Family are here for dinner or when we have a BBQ. For me it sounds better than our traditional one with mayonnaise.

    1. Well, we usually have two - both based on the same recipe, but one with my Mum's home-made mayonnaise added. I can't decide which one I like better.

    2. I made the Kartoffelsalat today. Most enjoyable and, for me, preferable to the one with mayonnaise as I anticipated it would be. I used red onions. Thanks to your husband Meike's Mum.

    3. Hello GB,
      thank you for your feedback, my husband is glad you like his Kartoffelsalat!