Wednesday 22 February 2017

Read in 2017 - 7: Mothers, Daughters, and other Mysteries

"Mothers, Daughters, and other Mysteries", a detective story by Heather McPhaul, was unusual for me in that it is written almost like a screenplay.

It was (very) fast-paced, witty (if you don't mind sarcasm) and surprising enough to keep me going.

The story is quickly told: A young woman finds herself, as so often before, between jobs and decides to work as a private investigator. Her first case proves to be as dangerous as can be expected (otherwise, it would not have been turned into a book, would it?), but in the end, the results are worth all her efforts: Not only does Leann solve the case (surprise, surprise!), but she also (re-)gains the love and respect of her somewhat estranged mother AND walks off the set with a wonderful new boyfriend at her side.

Does this sound banal? It is, and it isn't. The quirky dialogue and surprising twists in the story, combined with quick changes of perspective between Leann, her mother and their adversary, make for an entertaining, if rather short, read. 
It was a free ebook, and the few typos I noticed weren't too bad.

After I have looked up the author and found out that she is also an actress, the screenplay-style of her writing is less surprising.
Here is her website, if you are interested.

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