Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Read in 2017 - 12: Ye Olde Britain

The full title of this free ebook reads "Ye Olde Britain - Best Historical Experiences (Regional Travel Guide)", and it is one of the Lonely Planet travel books that have become rather popular (and rightly so, I think) in the last years.

Normally, I would hesitate to read a travel guide on my kindle, as it is not the perfect medium for pictures and maps. But this book has mostly text: Short descriptions of the most important historic sites across the UK's regions. There are photos, but they are few and far between, and not really necessary.

The short paragraphs for each site of interest are supplemented by web adresses, opening times and other information such as entrance fees or a particularly good café. I don't think opening times should be published in travel books; they are too often subject to change, and it is always advisable to check their website or call a place before you want to visit anyway.

Some of the descriptions are more humorous than others, but they are all concise and good. Of course I was particularly interested in what was said about Fountains Abbey and other places in Yorkshire I know. Sadly, Ripon Cathedral is not mentioned - but I know there are so many great places to see throughout the UK, that this book had to draw the line somewhere and can not list them all.

I shall definitely keep this on my kindle (unlike many other books which I delete as soon as I have reviewed them) for further reference, even though most likely I will never visit about 99 % of the sites described.

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