Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Pub Quiz

This is not the first time I am mentioning pub quizzes on my blog - you can easily find my older posts by putting "Pub Quiz" in the search bar on the top left corner.
I can not remember exactly when I started going to the quiz at "my" pub (Ludwigsburg's Irish Pub, Towers). It must have been 2008 or 2009, and although our team has changed a little over the years through circumstances - one member moving back for good to the US, while a new member joined us for the first time earlier this year - we are still pretty much The Corner Shop.

We nearly always end up among the first three and have come out 1st a few times. All of us would like to play more often, but it is difficult to find dates when everyone can make it. The quiz is held every Tuesday night, with a long break over the summer and a shorter one around Christmas. We manage to play maybe two or three times during one season.

This season ended last night - and we ended it on a high!
Only three of us managed to make just one point less than the winning team! (We still did not come out 2nd, but 3rd, since there were two teams competing for 1st. And I will now forever remember how many letters there are in the Hawaiian alphabet!)
So, VERY well done us!!!

At first, I was rather put off - although I had booked well in advance, our usual corner table (hence our team name) had been given to someone else; two of our team could not make it, and there was no ginger beer for me, only ginger ale.
But once the questions started and we realised we were not doing so bad, my mood lifted, and walking home with yet another bottle of champagne was a very good end to the evening (and the season).

We'll be back for more in September :-)

Do you want to have a go at those questions I can remember?

1. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet? (That was our draw question.)
2. Where on the human body would you find a hallux?
3. Which is the biggest lake in Africa?
4. What is the name of the most famous beach near Sydney, Australia?
5. In which state of the USA do you find the town of Stuttgart?
6. Which river crosses the equator twice?
7. What body part is affected by the disease hepatitis?
8. In which movie would you hear the phrase "Chewie, we're home!"?
9. What two nations share the island of Hispanola?
10. Which sport returned to the Olympic Games in 2016 for the first time since 1904?
11. In which European country do you find the resort town of Sopot?


  1. Well I wouldn't have been much help for those questions because I could only answer the more obvious ones: 2,3,4,6 and 7. I think that Hispaniola is occupied by two countries (Haiti and Dominica) so I assume that's two nations. I couldn't even make an educated guess at 1,8 and 11. I'd guess Michigan for 5. I should know 10 but can't remember.

    1. A good attempt, Graham, although of course you have not given me your answers for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.
      You are right about 9, but 5 is not correct.(I guessed, but did not get the right answer - but one of my team members did.)
      I didn't know 10 and 11, either.

    2. 2 = foot
      3 = Lake Victoria (followed, I think, by Lake Tanganyika)
      4 = Bondi Beach (one of a number and one I have walked along several times)
      6 = Congo
      7 = Liver

    3. All correct! As for 6, our publican said it is the Amazonas. We had given that answer, and it counted as a point for us. But when we googled it afterwards, we also found the Congo.

  2. Well, I'd make a guess at about half of those - I might borrow 'em for use at our next pub quiz, though we don't go every time. It's a bit of fun - no prizes change hands, just egos...

    1. Make your guess then, Mike :-)
      You are welcome to borrow the questions; after all, I borrowed them, too!

  3. I didn't know any of the answers except 7...the liver!

  4. Wow, these are difficult questions! I only knew a very few answers - and one of those I only knew because it was recently an answer on a quiz show in the US, Jeopardy. Well done, Team The Corner Shop.

  5. Those are hard and I only got the obvious ones, but I did know the golf answer from our own pub quiz. Our team manage it every week and love it. Great night :)

    1. Every week? Wow, your team must be really dedicated!

  6. Oh dear, these are hard for me!
    I got seven of them, you might know I would know the sports one!
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Please, do so again! (Maybe I will be better next time!)

    1. Yes, I was sure you'd know the sports one, Kay :-)
      I am also sure you would have known the music questions, which obviously I can not ask here.

  7. I've never been any good with these kinds of quizzes. My parents used to love watching quiz shows on TV and we also sometimes played Trivial Pursuit. (I think I usually lost.) Memorizing odd facts of "this and that" was never really my thing (my brother on the other hand was always good at that!) Out of these, I should have been able to answer 2,3,4 and 7. But in a time limit situation, my mind might as well have gone blank even on those! :)

    1. I am sure you would have done well in the entire quiz, Monica, as you read a lot and know many languages. The funny bit is that I never try deliberately to memorize odd facts and trivia; they just stick in my mind more than some of the really important stuff that I have to keep looking up!