Wednesday 30 August 2017

Read in 2017 - 29: Adam on the Inside

"Adam on the Inside" by Kelbian Noel

This YA novel was something different, and although I am not really into the whole paranormal thing, I kept reading because I really wanted to know where this story was leading and what was going to happen next.

Adam is your typical rich, spoiled brat. Materially,he has everything: flash car, suite of rooms at the family mansion with huge TV screen, and plenty of money to spend on girls, drinks and other drugs. He is bright enough not to run into academic problems, either, but with all this, he is ungratefully bemoaning his fate that has him stuck with a controlling father and disinterested mother. There are constant rows with his Dad, and one evening, Adam storms off and out of spite throws a party on his parents' yacht. One thing leads to the other, Adam falls overboard, hits his head against the anchor, and drowns. He was 18 years old.

Next thing he knows, he wakes up - 20 years later, and in the body of an 18-year-old girl. Roxy's life could not be much more different from Adam's: Not only because she is female, but also because she is black and being raised by a single mother in a poor neighbourhood. But Roxy is bright and dreams of going to Harvard. She has a crush on the boy next door, and a best friend to do girly things with.

Adam meets his "Spirit Watcher" and is told that his spirit has been placed in Roxy's body for a purpose - it is his only chance at redemption, for having been such a "foul" person in his previous existence. He is supposed to help someone, but has to find out nearly everything on his own with few clues to go after. Not even the identity of the person he has to help is revealed to him.

Adam gradually finds out what he needs to know and puts the pieces of the puzzle together. At the same time, he has to manage life as Roxy, which of course leads to some rather comical (and some less so) situations.

When an unexpected deal is put before him, he is faced with the toughest choice. Should he take the offer, and get his old life back (maybe even better off materially than before), or do the right thing for once in his "life"?

Kelbian Noel is an author I'd never heard of before; I didn't even know whether the name was male or female. She does have a blog on here, too, and writes a bit about herself here.
Strangely enough, on both Amazon and Goodreads I only find some other books by her, not this one. Anyway, I found and downloaded it as a free ebook a few years ago and have only now gotten round to reading it. While I did enjoy the story, I found many typos that could have been taken care of with a little editing. But who am I to complain about a free ebook?

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