Friday 6 April 2018

Pub Quiz

In my last post, I said I was going to give you the questions we used for the pub quiz at my BBB (Big Birthday Bash) on the 25th of March. See how you would have fared!

The winning team consisted of 5 people, O.K. including (and no, he did not know the questions any more, and his threat that I wouldn't be his girlfriend anymore if he didn't win was not meant seriously!). 
The prize were 6 piccolo bottles of sparkling wine. As there were 5 to the team, they decided to give the 6th bottle to the person whose birthday was next to mine. That was my friend and colleague RO, and I thought this a really nice gesture of the winning team.

Here are the questions:

1. What is Meike's favourite colour?
2. What types of food are almost daily part of Meike’s diet?
3. How old was Meike when she learned to read?
4. Where in England does Meike spend a holiday every year?  
5. What languages does Meike speak?
6. How many surnames has Meike had so far?
7. Meike's place of birth?
8. Meike's favourite holiday in the course of the year?
9. What profession did Meike originally learn?
10. What was the name of Meike's white cat?
11. How many years has Meike been living in her current flat?
12. What year did Meike get her driving license?
13. Which Star Trek actor's birthday is also on the 22nd of March?
14. Is Meike right or left-handed?
15. Meike's furthest trip so far went where?
16. How many years has Meike been coming to the pub quiz here at “Towers”?
17. What day of the week was the 22nd of March 1968?


  1. Challenging! Wow! I am pretty sure I know all but seven of these answers, but will have to go look more. I am curious as to how well your guests did that day! Well, I see they were solved by teams. I'm sure one of the teams did much better than I did on my own! What a wonderful celebration, Meike!

    1. There are some you simply can not know, Kristi, so 10 out of 17 is pretty good! The teams were mixed so they all had a fair chance, even those who have not known me for very long.

  2. I know the answer to question four and it is a brilliant answer. A subtle clue is in my blogging name!

    1. I am pretty sure you know more than just the answer to # 4, which is of course correct :-)

  3. I think I know 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17. I'm not sure I understood 8 properly.

    1. It means what is my favourite holiday of the year, not as in holiday = vacation but as in holiday = Easter, Christmas, New Year....
      10 out of 17 is rather good!

    2. In which case I have a feeling I know the answer to that as well. How do we know whether we've got them correct. Cut off point and then we publish? I've been thinking about 10 and I think my memory may be playing tricks and I may be thinking of your other cat.

    3. I wil simply publish my answers at some stage and you can all compare in your own minds whether you have been right or wrong :-)
      Those who have sent answers by email will of course get an individual reply.

  4. I might know the answers to... perhaps half a dozen or so; and maybe I could take a lucky guess at one or two more. Not enough to win the contest though, I suspect! ... I did something similar on my 40th, once upon a time. It was in the form of an outdoors quiz promenade, though (in August). Thinking back now, I have no idea who won!

    1. An outdoors quiz promenade? That sounds intriguing and fun!

  5. Okay, I will have a go!
    1. Yellow 2.Pasta 3.Five years old 4.Yorkshire (and your mother-in-law is Mary, do I get bonus points?) 5. German, English, French, some Italian 6. Three? 7.Bavaria 8. Christmas 9. Librarian 10. Should know this, can't remember! 11. Should know this too, but don't..will guess 6 years. 12. 30 years old? 13. William Shatner 14. I don't know! Two chances, Richard would say. Most folks would not have this as question, so you must be left handed? 15. Oh, I should know this too...but I don't! Greece? 16. Oh again, not sure...maybe 5 years? 17. Ha! You were born on a Friday! FRiday's child is loving and giving! (I was born on a Saturday, I work hard for a living. THAT figures! LOL!

    Okay, how did I do? I have a terrible memory so I hope you won't be upset with me for those answers that I should know! :-)

    1. You've done really well and are correct on many questions - all answers will be published some time next week, maybe :-)
      Bavaria? No - I was born in the same town where I still live, I am so boring :-D