Friday, 31 May 2019

Meran / Merano

After finishing our hike, we returned to the car and drove the short distance into the city of Meran/Merano. We parked near the chair lift and let it carry us up to where Tyrol Village is. It is pretty much a tourist trap, but it is positioned so that one has a great view of Tyrol Castle, which was what we wanted.

View across Meran
View from Tyrol Village towards Tyrol Castle

By the way, I loved the ride on the chair lift! I prefer this type to the closed cabins, as long as it is not cold, windy or rainy - as you can see from the pictures, it was none of that.

We did not walk all the way to the castle, as it was already late in the afternoon and it would probably not have been open for visitors anymore anyway by the time we'd have gotten there.

Instead, after admiring it from afar, we walked back to the chair lift and were soon carried back down.

You can read the basic facts about Meran and Tyrol Castle on Wikipedia; just click on the words here on my post.

A short stroll through Meran's beautiful city, and we were ready to go home and get changed for dinner.

One more day left before we were going to have to say good-bye to this beautiful area (and our holiday)!


  1. I also like the chair lifts where your legs dangle down. Don't know why, I have a great of heights! Well, you certainly did have a great holiday didn't you? Thanks for sharing your photos and memories.

  2. We did indeed, Kay! I am glad you enjoy being taken along and are not yet bored silly with my mountain views.

  3. We many times drove by Merano and Bolzano on our way to other places. I think we should have stopped there and explored a little more! So beautiful.

    1. It has something of a relaxed elegance about it. I remember when I visited Merano in the 1990s, everybody on the streets looked like straight out of an Italian fashion magazine, very stylish.