Friday 5 June 2009

What Happened?

Indeed, what happened?

As of late, I can not help having the impression that I must be going through a rather boring period.
Not that my life in itself is boring - far from it, I am way too busy for that, and I am certainly not boring myself with all the things I want to do, read, think and write (and am indeed doing, reading, thinking and writing).

But I have noticed a certain... well, let's call it slackening in some of my relationships to other people, be it personal contacts or correspondents.

Some of these friends, acquaintances or whatever else they may be called have become reluctant in responding - if they do respond at all - to my attempts of interacting with them.
Be it that they do not reply to messages (or, if they reply, only write briefly and without actually referring to the topics I have come up with) or not get in touch when they said they were going to get in touch, or not picking up on suggestions I make about doing stuff together, and similar.

So, what causes this apparent slackening?

Am I too wrapped up in myself, going on too much about subjects that matter to me, and not pay enough heed to their needs and wants?
Are my topics being repeated too often, to the point of boring the poor recipient of such messages or conversations to death or just getting on their nerves?
Have I lost my spark and turned into such a dull person people do not really want to spend an evening with?
Or are they simply too busy with other things going on in their own lives to have much time and attention left for someone like me?

It could easily be a combination of all of these factors.
I wish I knew.

Because I miss the sparks of inspiration to new things, new thoughts and new activities, the sparks that have been flying back and forth between myself and others.
And I want to offer my own spark, which to me does not feel as if I've lost it.

Not lamenting here, just really puzzled.
Writing this down was supposed to help me find the cause.
No luck yet.
Oh well.

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