Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Lazy Afternoon

Contrary to popular belief, I do not always and constantly have to DO something.
Just as often, I indulge in sweet laziness, as I have done for a good part of today.

The sun was up, my neighbours were being very noisy with what looked like dozens of house guests all over the place, and I had already done my running in the morning; so I grabbed a blanket, a bottle of water and my white bikini and went to the park.

There, I went unnoticed and unbothered, disappearing among the pretty yellow-and-white pattern of buttercups, daisies and clover.

Stretching out on my blanket, I took my glasses off and now the trees at the edge of the meadow were a heterogenous mass of various shades of green, ranging from what in German is known as "May green" to what I would use black paint for, if I were to paint the scene.
Even without my glasses, I could see that the branches were moving slightly in the breeze.

The sun and the gentle breeze felt caressing on my skin.
In the distance far above, I could hear the lazy drone of the small red and white Cessna I know quite well. A woodpecker was nearby, mixing what to my ears ranges very high on the scale of sounds I associate most with spring and early summer with the song of all the other birds. The humming and buzzing of insects and occasionally a child calling out to someone during a ball game.

I almost fell asleep.
It was peace.
And sometimes I need just that.

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