Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"To Hug A Dolphin" - Continued

- - - This continuation to my original "To Hug A Dolphin" was not written by me, but I like the idea of the author and have his permission to post this here. - - -
It is also the continuation of the whole Dolphin story:

You cannot pronounce my name in my native tongue, the closest you could come to it is by calling me Jacob. I am a Wave Rider. Wave Riders are considered amongst the bravest of my people. We usually travel together in groups but there are times where I need to be alone, to collect my thoughts. Being a Wave Rider is hard work and sometimes I need a break from it.

It is during one of these times that I noticed this lone creature by the shore. I have seen their kind before. Some of them ride the waves too, but not like we can. Usually they travel in groups too but sometimes I see one travelling outside the group. I wonder if they’ve lost their way from the group or if they are collecting their thoughts too.

If I’m travelling with my group and I see one of these creatures I pretend not to see them. For amongst my people they are known as the Death Bringers. A stigma is attached to you if you befriend one of these creatures, you’re branded a Death Lover and the group banishes you. I know that they’re not all Death Bringers as I have heard the stories from some of the Death Lovers. I’ve heard tales of bravery, compassion and friendship.

My tasks can take me away from the shore for weeks at a time, while we go in search of food. The main part of my task is to protect the Gatherers from our mortal enemies, namely the Sharp Teeths. They may be big and deadly but they’re slower than us in close quarters. We have to make sure that we don’t get too overconfident when dealing with the Sharp Teeths, my friend Marcus reminded us of that deadly lesson last season.

I just got back from a hunt and I’m weary. I broke away from the group so that I could rest and recharge. I saw the lone creature, this time close to the shore. I saw it enter the water and head towards me. Its body language indicated that it wasn’t trying to be hostile, the creature was slightly tense but cautious in its movements. I know that these creatures are not agile in my environment so I moved closer. The Death Bringer wrapped its upper appendages around me to hold me but not bind me. It placed its face on top of my head. I knew that the stories were true, that they weren’t all Death Bringers. I released a shout of joy that seemed to please my new friend.

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