Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh To Be a Lark!

After temperatures rising higher and higher over the past few days, it seems that today, we have had the hottest day of the year so far, at around 30 Celsius in the early afternoon.

Now, heat is something you will not hear me complain about - not on this blog, not anywhere else. Cold, yes, that is an entirely different matter, but heat - I thrive in it.
Remember the summer of 2003 which was quickly dubbed in the media as a "Jahrhundertsommer"? Well, I was happy!

Those past few days I enjoyed, and not only because I had a short working week of three days and a long weekend of four, but mainly because of said weather.

Sun and blue skies! Poppies on the fields and roses in the gardens; walking along scented hedgerows, listening to the indefatigable (albeit somewhat monotonous sounding) larks overhead, and to the much sweeter pealing of the blackbirds' songs - all this is so much more enjoyable during the one-hour walk from the small town where I work to the slightly bigger town where I live, instead of getting on the smelly, crowded train that takes, admittedly, just four minutes for the same purpose.

But on a day like this, only very few things would have managed to make me take the train.
Summer is just too preciously short here to be wasted.
And while I do indeed feel more energetic and generally more alive this time of the year than in winter, I wish I could be like the larks who seem never to tire for as long as the sun shines, always up there as high as they can, singing at the top of their lungs.

On the other hand, larks can neither read nor write, so I think I'll stick to being human, which has some other distinct advantages as well.

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