Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mothers Know...

...not everything, but a lot.
Mine is no exception.

All of this week, I have been very busy with both work and other things; almost every night after leaving the office, I had some event or other to attend, people to meet and talk to, arrangements to make and visitors to receive. Quite normal for me, really, but all the more I need time and space to myself.

Today, Saturday, was the only day where I did not "have to" go anywhere - or so I thought, until I realized there was no bread left and not much cheese in the fridge (bread and cheese being my staple food, since I rarely feel like cooking just for myself).

This morning, I talked to my mum on the phone and mentioned it briefly before making arrangements for my parents to come over in the afternoon, so that my dad could go through my late husband's things and decide what he likes and can wear.

When my parents arrived, my mum had a bag full of good things for me:

a loaf of bread she had baked for me immediately after our phone call earlier, a jar of home-made jam, some gruyêre (cheese) and two bottles of malt beer (it is not really beer, there is no alcohol in it, we just call it "Kinderbier" in German).

She saved me having to shop for groceries this weekend - I won't need much else, since tomorrow I am at a friend's birthday party, and for breakfast I almost always eat muesli anyway.

The bread was still warm, its lovely scent filling my kitchen, and I just had to cut two slices and eat them with the gruyêre straight away.

A mother's love can hardly be more tangible than that, can it?

I am glad my family live nearby. It does not matter that we do not always see eye to eye, and if they knew some of the things I am up to, they would most likely not approve, but like I said at the beginning of this post, mothers know a lot - just not everything :-)

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  1. Erm... do they? And, sorry, but I can not read Chinese (I assume that's the language you use apart from English).
    Can you translate, please?