Saturday, 16 January 2010

Notes To Self - II

Time for the second installment of my recently started "Notes To Self" series!
(Find the first one here:

Again, deciphering my own handwriting becomes quite a challenge several days after the original scribbling down of a name or a term. A true calligraphical masterwork, this one!
Graphologists would probably never guess that, in spite of my handwriting, I am actually quite organized and neat in my daily life (don't ask about what is going on in my mind, though - quite the opposite, really...).

Enough of the preliminaries, and on to what I thought was worth remembering or following up on a while ago:

"Sir Brooke Boothby" says the first line. I read about him in an article in my weekly newspaper and must have found it interesting enough to want to do some research on him later.
Research I did, and the first entry Mr. Google lead me to was a piece about Gothic Romance, published in the Tate's online research journal.

The next line is another name - but I am certain only of "Barry" and find myself unable to decipher the surname. So there goes my intended follow-up on something else I must have found interesting.

And yet another name - more legible this time:
"Marcus Raichle --> Default Network"
Despite his very German sounding surname (his ancestors must have come from somewhere around here; you can't get more Swabian than that!), Mr. Raichle is a professor of Radiology, Neurology, Neurobiology and Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St Louis. If you want to know what the "Default Network" is about, you can read more here and of course elsewhere online as well as offline.

The next bit on the note clearly says "Body Image", but what follows could be Hifab, Hilab, Hijab - and none of it makes sense (well, I know what a Hijab is, but in this context...?).

So, with a sigh, I move on to "Giorgione: Tempesta", which is accompanied by a check mark - meaning I have done what I intended to do; in this case, written an article in a forum about the mysterious painting "La Tempesta" by Italian Rennaissance painter Giorgione:La tempesta

To the right of the check mark, I have written "Edge" and underneath "John Brockman".
The Edge is a website, founded by John Brockman.
I have not had a proper and thorough look at it yet - it looks like this could be quite a time-consuming enterprise - but it certainly appears to be worth it.
See for yourself, if you like:

Finally, there is a shopping list!
It says Hefe, Mehl, Eier, Mandelstifte, which are the ingredients I had to remember buying for a cake I was due to make for my sister's birthday on the 10th of January: yeast, flour, eggs, chopped almonds.

And last but not least, I was reading "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga and found a sentence about education on page 52 in the first paragraph: "I've always been a big believer in education - especially my own."


  1. Oh, I saw you at julie Whitmore today and had to stop by and visit..LOVE your pizza..that's what we are making here tonight..

    i will be happy to follow you along....

    i'll be back to visit soon


  2. Hello Kary, and thank you for your comment and being now part of the tiny group of people who come to my mental library for something to read!
    Just been to have a look at your farmhouse kitchen and saw the chanterelle mushrooms - they are my dad's favourites! He would simply fry them in a pan with butter and add them to an omelette. Delicious!

  3. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Weekend and then I see this about the chanterelles....they really are best just sauteed with butter I think too....and they are good.....

    more later, friend

  4. My son's name is Barry, and like you I can't make out the surname. Have a good weekend!

  5. Hi Kary, thank you - a happy weekend to you, too!
    Cyn, and the same to you!
    Thanks for giving me the first laugh of this morning :-D (it is 9.36 as I am writing this)