Monday 1 March 2010

Spring Things

After a glorious Saturday (see my previous entry), Sunday was still mild at 15 Celsius, but very windy, and so I decided to stay indoors and enjoy the sunshine from my window sill.

I did some spring things like eating raw yellow pepper (have I ever mentioned that I love yellow pepper?), and in the evening, my sister came to watch a DVD together and eat a pizza that I had made specifically on her request.

She brought the lovely tulips you see in the picture.
Shame I am at the office all day and only get to see the flowers in the morning and evening!

Today, I am going to walk to work again, as I often do on Mondays when I do not have to start until 1.00 pm. It will be good to be out on the fields and observe what progress the hedgerows have made since I walked there last.


  1. Beautiful tulips, they match your pepper!

  2. They do indeed! Yellow has been my favourite colour since childhood, and looking at the tulips, I know why :-)