Thursday 8 April 2010

Why Today of All Days?!

Am I the only one who manages to get herself into more or less embarrassing situations?
Somehow, I doubt it.

So, here's my latest "goof"...

Have to give you a bit of a background for the scene.
An ex-colleague of mine has the surname Schön, which means beautiful in German - and a very handsome man he is. I remember that I thought, when he was introduced to me in 2002 when I started to work there, "that's a fitting name if I ever saw one".
Anyway, Mr. Schön and I were simply colleagues, nothing more.

Then he left to work somewhere else, and we lost touch.

Maybe two years ago, I bumped into him at the gym. We exchanged latest news, he asked about some of the others at work who he still remembered, and that was it.

Recently, I happened to be at the gym at the same time as he again.
I am not kidding if I am telling you that he looked me up and down in my (admittedly rather tight-fitting) sports outfit and smiled and said "You really ARE keeping in shape", and we talked a bit, and again, that was it.

To say I fancy him would be far too much, but he is a very good looking guy, and I suppose if he asked me out for coffee or a meal, I wouldn't say no.

Today, I went to the beautician after work. Now, this is a once-in-a-hundred-years thing for me - usually, I can't be bothered with things like that, apart from it being very expensive. But someone had given me a voucher for my birthday (how very tactful of them, yes), and so I had that appointment.
If you have ever been to a beauty treatment for your face, you probably know that, by the time you leave, your hair is in disarray from the funny little cap they make you wear to keep your hair out of your face, how shiny your face is from all the cream they smother you with, and generally, in spite of it being called a beauty treatment, you look not exactly your best.
Add to this a rather drab office outfit I was wearing - brown dress, brown striped tailored jacket, brown shoes and the dress not short enough to nicely show off my legs (which was just as well since a ladder had just started to develop in my tights), and you have the complete image of me, leaving the beautician and entering Aldi for a spot of groceries shopping.

You can already guess where this is leading, can't you?
Exactly - who should pull up next to me with his shopping trolley but Mr. Schön?!
Aaaargh!! Why did it have to be today?! And why did he have so much time and really was in a chatty mood?
I was longing to get home as quickly as possible, to get rid of the excess cream on my face and the laddery tights, but there we were, chatting like the two ex colleagues we were!

Eventually, he extracted from me when I was next going to be at the gym, and he told me (without me having asked) the exact building where his new office is.

I would have been really pleased to meet him by chance like this, but NOT when I was looking a total clown!!!

Oh well.
There went my dignity - and I hope at least I provided some of you with a laugh when you read this :-)

(I am actually still laughing myself)


  1. Looks like Mr. Schon can look beyond a shiny face , good for him! sounds promising.........

  2. Ah, Julie, I don't know about promising :-) Anyway, it was just so typical, wasn't it!

  3. Great story! What are the odds? Maybe someday the two of you can laugh about it. Here's hoping!

  4. Oh I am of course going to tell him next time we bump into each other how embarrassed I felt last time :-) You see, the word "shyness" does not occur in my vocabulary, never has done. So I am sure we are going to laugh about this, I just don't know where and when :-)