Thursday 6 May 2010

Walking in the Rain

Yes, yes, yes - I know, I'm on about walking a lot.
But it is what I do most of the time to get from A to B (see "Why I do not drive") and I enjoy it - most of the time.

Today, ceaseless rain is falling. It started some time during the night and has not stopped for a minute, plus it is so cold that I have to wear a coat and scarf again, and the heating had to be turned back on at the office.
All this did not deter me from going out for a walk during my lunch break, and I am actually glad I went, even though I came back in with the legs of my red jeans wet almost knee-high (they were just about dry by the time I went home, so that they could get soaked all over again...).

There is a lushness to the gardens, hedgerows and trees at this time of the year that I find very beautiful.
The shades of green are very different from what it looks like in summer, and only now the chestnut trees look their most glorious (and we do have plenty of chestnut trees in this area).

Originally, I only wanted to walk to the bakery where I often get myself a sandwich to eat later back at the office (ciabatta with mozzarella and tomato being my favourite), but I was so deep in thought today that suddenly I realized I had walked on, almost all the way down to the post office.

So I turned round, shaking my head at my own absent-mindedness, and was at the bakery just in time to buy the last of the mozzarella sandwiches, and to exchange a few friendly words with the large elderly lady behind the counter who knows what I want and never fails to wish me a nice afternoon when I leave.

Still, I prefer summer - or any day on which temperatures reach my comfort range of 25 - 35 Celsius.
I do hope we will be back to that soon!


  1. All that green is so pretty!
    How mysterious to walk that hedgerow path

  2. Not very mysterious to me, Julie, walking there every day :-) It leads down from a bridge which crosses the railway tracks to the small industrial estate where I work. In autumn, with the leaves yellow and orange, it looks very pretty, too.