Sunday 28 November 2010

The First of Four

Today is (or, almost, was) the first of the four Sundays before Christmas; in German, they are commonly referred to as Advents-Sonntage, i.e. the Sundays of Advent.

Not being religious in my outlook on life and not belonging to any organized religion, I still like some of the traditions that were originally shaped and introduced by the religious authorities (sometimes rather unwillingly, and based on "heathen" traditions that were in place long before them) in my part of the world.

One of these traditions are the Sundays of Advent, with one important feature being a wreath made of fir green and adorned with four candles. As the four Sundays follow each other, the candles are lit on the wreath; first one, then two, three and finally four.

I like Christmas and the weeks leading up to it, although I do not claim being Christian, neither in my non-existent beliefs nor in my behaviour or morals. To me, it is mainly a treasured reminder of a childhood that was made beautiful by loving parents and grandparents, who had in turn grown up with the very same traditions themselves.

Therefore, this heathen Librarian has put some Christmas-themed decorations up in her home, and maybe you would like to see them?

Follow me on a quick tour through my small flat, then!

In my bedroom:

On top of the chest of drawers in my tiny hallway:

The garland has to be above this window in my kitchen every year:

And the "pièce de résistance": the Adventskranz (advent wreath), given to me by my parents (the cookies were made by my mum and by a close family friend):

Pukky was an unwilling model today, as you can see :-)
(The "Burberry" Father Christmas in the first picture was a gift from my sister, bought at the Christmas market here in our hometown some years ago. I broke my own "tradition" this year by putting him in the living room instead of the kitchen where he used to hang out previously.)

I hope your weekend was as cosy as mine!


  1. I just had to take a moment and send you a 'comment.' I came to your blog from a comment you left at Nan's blog, Letters from a Hill Farm. I've been visiting your blog for a few days now but tonight I couldn't believe my eyes when you wrote about your Advent wreath. My husband and I just finished lighting our wreath, commenting at the time how we haven't had a wreath in many years but it seemed good to have one this year. It was a lovely moment for us to bring back a tradition. Thank you for your thoughtful writing! --Catherine Mary

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Catherine Mary! I am glad you fond something on my blog you like and can relate to. Have a lovely advent & Christmas time with your husband!
    - Meike.

  3. I like your decorations and your unrigid-theism. I, as you know, did not have quite such good luck with decorating. I like the picture of you and your cat.

  4. Thank you, Bagman and Butler - all the more I appreciate your comment, knowing that you had to type it one-handed AND with the wrong hand! How long will your arm have to stay in the sling?

  5. I like your flat (apartment in the US).

    I really like your cat (I'm cat-less at present).

    I'm pleased you must hang the garland over the kitchen window each year (that's the sort of thing I do too).

    Happy Holidays! (personally I don't like them at all, but do want my friends to enjoy)

  6. Jill, thank you! I appreciate your comment even more now, knowing that you do not like the holidays at all. Perhaps I have asked that before: do you have a blog, too? I can not access your profile to have a look, as you have set it to private.

  7. Oh my dear Librarian,
    I have no blog. I have nothing important to say, only a comment every now and then prompted by people like you who have such interesting blogs. I amazes me every day to read, and feel 'friends with' people like you and Letters From a Hill Farm and a Book Every Six Days. Coming into your lives from my little library/computer desk on the edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California is a highlight in my mornings.

  8. Dear Jill, well, if blogs were about "important" things to say, I guess there wouldn't be that many blogs around :-)
    What does not seem important to you - or you think it is not important to others - might make for an interesting read for someone else. So, my recommendation is, if you like reading other people's blogs and you like writing yourself, simply give it a try.
    I did, and have not regretted it.