Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dramatic Sky

I have been very busy meeting friends, going out, making visits and receiving them, looking for a new (and better paid) job and doing tons of other things (such as going to work every day) that have not only kept me away from writing on here for simple lack of time, but have also kept my mind going whirlwind with so much stuff I am finding it difficult to extract anything consistent enough for a blog entry on any particular subject.

But today, I have decided to finally post these pictures of a very dramatic looking sky, viewed from my kitchen window, which I took quite a while ago (on the 14th of December 2010, to be precise) at sunrise.

Look at the first one; it does not look that spectacular:

Take a closer look now and tell me that the lightning-shaped cloud is not remarkable!

And that's it already for today. There is lots going on at the moment but little time to talk about it all.


  1. I like all the views from your kitchen window; the ones you've posted in the past and this one too. The cloud formation is special...also, the bird in top of the tree!

  2. Thank you, Jill! That's a magpie. We have plenty (actually, too many) of them here; they used to be hunted until the 1970s when a protection act came into place. I think they are fascinating birds, beautiful, elegant, strong and rather clever. If they could sing, they'd be perfect :-)

  3. EDIT: no, it's not a magpie, but a blackbird, a species I do not want to miss, either - their song is about the sweetest sound to wake up to on a spring morning.

  4. I love the color in the sky, nice job! In the last photo it looks like a tornado is building! Have a great day & good luck with the job search!


  5. I hate to be a spoil sport but that is not a cloud, it is a vapour trail from a plane that has been distorted by the wind currents. It is still very cool looking.


  6. I don't think, it's a blackbird, they don't have such long tails! I would say, your first statement would be right: A magpie, and they really are very beautiful. (The black and white colour you can't see on the photo, it is too dark).

  7. Thanks, Mary!

    Robert, of course it is a vapour trail, but based on what it is made of, it still is a cloud - even though a man-made one :-)

    Anonymous, I am not sure whether it is a long tail or just a bit of branch from the tree. But it could be either of the two, since those are the most common birds we have around here.

  8. Beautiful sunset. Five days, five minutes. Time is meaningless on blogspot. Except we all are driven to keep two much of it from happening between posts. It's either one day too late or five days too early...but Happy Valentines Day.

  9. Thank you, Mark! Do you know - you are the only person on this whole planet who wished me a Happy Valentines Day :-D
    (It does not feature that big over here in Germany, so I am not annoyed with my friends for not having sent me cards or anyhting)
    What an interesting statement: Time is meaningless on blogspot. Is it really? That gives me something to think about.

  10. PS: Oh, and the pictures are not of sunset but of sunrise :-)