Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Another Month Gone

Last year, I already wrote here about how I feel when one month ends and another one begins, and it being the 1st of June today, with one month into my new job, I wanted to pick up on the topic once more.
My calendars are turned, and when I look back on May, it was a good month in all respects - weather-wise, sports-wise, work-wise and in my private life.

Working from home certainly agrees with me; I get a lot done in less hours than when I still went to the office, because there are no
colleagues to distract me and ask things of me that are, strictly speaking, not my job, but I did them anyway because I was at work and that was simply part of the package.
All day long, I speak to my customers on the phone, so there is no lack of human contact. In between phone calls, I receive and send emails, not all of them work-related, admi
ttedly; some of my friends live far away and email is our regular means of communication.

At lunch time, I usually leave the house for a while, sometimes to join my mum or a friend for a meal, sometimes to do a spot of shopping, and I always meet someone or other in the neighbourhood or at the shops, so, again, there is no lack of human interaction.

In the evenings, I either go out (like last night, when I went to the pub with a group of friends, and our team won 1st prize at the pub quiz!) or go for a run, or I have visitors, and occasionally I am on my own and enjoy a quiet night in with my books, computer games and my cat.

So, during this month, my life has taken on a very comfortable rhythm. While I was by no means stressed out before when I still went to the office every day, doing things at my own pace and not having to take the train every day is very pleasant. As far as I am concerned, things can stay as they are for quite a while :-)

On Friday, I am going to travel to the office to see my boss, so that we can give each other feedback on how my first month went. He has no reason to regret his decision of employing me, so our meeting will be amicable and constructive.

After a way too dry May, June is starting off with enough rain to make all the gardeners and farmers

The cherry tree in front of my kitchen window is thriving, and I am soon going to pick the first cherries. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Germany, and we're in for a day warmer and sunnier than today; I intend to spend as much of it outdoors as I can.

Happy June to all of you!


  1. Thank you for your kind words, it was a horrible day in New England yesterday, today is just the opposite. We hope that everyone is able to rebuild in these tough economic times.

  2. Sounds like you have the perfect balance! Hope your June goes as well as your May! We on the other hand had plenty of rain in May!

  3. Thank you, Mary! I strive to keep that balance, because life feels very good the way it is right now for me, and I intend it to stay that way for a long time to come.

  4. What a lovely life you lead. Really. It sounds simply wonderful. Wish I were closer to have a little lunch with you!

  5. Oh me too!...what Nan delightful it would be to have lunch with you two.

  6. PS...we won't eat lettuce, cucumbers, or tomatoes!

  7. Hello! It sounds wonderful to work from home. I have never seen cherries growing on a tree... they must be wonderful. By the way, it is almost 100 degrees in Georgia today...could you send some of that rain over to me?

  8. Nan and Jill, I'd love to have lunch with the two of you, too! And I am sure we'd stretch that lunch "hour" easily into a whole afternoon, with lots to talk about :-)

    Nan, I truly appreciate the good life I have, and am very grateful for it.

    Jill, I am not overly worried about the whole EHEC thing. It is difficult to see how much of it presents a real danger and how much of it is simply blown up by the media, and I usually am not following panicky hypes; in facnt, there were tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce in my side salad at the restaurant where I had dinner tonight!

    Kay Guest, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. You should see the cherries growing in the South of France, they are (I am not kidding) as big as the cavity of my palm! Look: