Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Very Versatile Vegetable Indeed!

(This is actually the 2nd part of this post; I just did not want to make it one seemingly endless one)

The next day, I still had half of the aubergine left, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
All I needed was flour, an egg, salt and pepper and some olive oil - plus, of course, the aubergine, which I cut into slices about as thick as my index finger. It made for six slices (not using the very end bit of the fruit).

On one plate each, I prepared flour and the egg. You can put salt and pepper either directly on the aubergine slices or mix it into the egg; it doesn't really matter which way round.
Then I turned the slices first in the egg and then in the flour, and put them in a flat pan with a little olive oil in it (make sure the oil is already hot when you put the slices in).
They don't take very long; turn them over a few times until they look the same nice golden brown on both sides:
Once they were ready, I piled them all on my plate, added some of my mum's home made rhubarb chutney and some toasted bread with butter, and had yet another one of my quick & simple meals (probably too simple for a lot of people's liking), plus I had gotten rid of the weekend's leftovers in my fridge.
Dessert was, again, fresh fruit.


  1. We like the same things. One of my favorite things is eggplant cooked this way, just like my mother makes it. AND fruit for dessert. Perfect!

  2. course i don't have any rhubarb chutney.
    sounds like a nice touch though.

  3. The rhubarb chutney goes so well with meat or vegetables; I think this was the first year my mum made it, and I finished the whole jar rather quickly :-) (not all on that one meal, of course!)
    I think this is my favourite way to eat aubergine, and I like to think that your mother makes it like that, too.

  4. Hello dear Librarian,
    your pictures and recipes are so wonderful, you should come and join our cook-community!! ;-)

  5. Dear gigunelsa, thank you - but I'm afraid I would not be able to contribute much, since my recipes are nowhere near as sophisticated as those posted in your forums :-)

  6. Ooh, we *love* this, with tomato ketchup. I think it would be too much of a break wit tradition to try it with chutney :-) It's a funny thing, though, we always cut them lengthways!

  7. Hey, guess what? If you have any GREEN tomatoes, you cook them the exact same way, and they are delicious! I think this was popular in the South (of the USA) because at the end of the season, there would be lots of tomatoes that hadn't ripened yet. Fried Green's not just a movie, you know!

  8. GeraniumCat, I only know that aubergines are cut lengthways when they are made as melanzana alla Romana, served cold as an antipasti, but I have never made it myself.

    Kay, my dad loves green tomatoes, he fries them in the pan, too! And he has never set foot anywhere outside Europe :-)