Monday, 7 November 2011

Lunch at my Mum's

Less than a month ago, I posted about having lunch at my mum's already; you can find the Sauerkraut recipe and pictures here.

Today, as every week (mostly on Mondays or Tuesdays), I found myself walking over to my parents' place at a quarter to one, once again looking forward to what would no doubt be yet another lovely lunch hour, spent eating the most delicious home-made food while chatting to my mum.

She made waffles today, but not like the very lovely-looking ones Nan made Sunday night and showed us on her blog; instead, my mum's waffles were salty ones, meant as my main course and served with a salad consisting of lettuce and radishes that was lip-lickingly well made with croutons and a mustard-spiced dressing.

For starters, we had Hugo - THE cocktail of Summer 2011 in our area, having replaced the formerly most popular Aperol Spritz, which in turn had replaced Caipirinha (you'll still find those two served at any imaginable occasion, but Hugo is certainly No. 1 of the current drinks chart here). Hugo is made of prosecco, elderflower syrup, garnished with slices of lime and leaves of peppermint and sometimes made a little less sweet and strong by adding some sparkling mineral water. It is very refreshing, and we quite like it.
Dessert was a piece of Linzer Torte, a rather rich cake my mum made on the weekend.

Now for the waffles - here is my mum's recipe:

You need
125 g flour
1/2 tea spoon salt
1 table spoon mixed herbs
50 g soft lard
75 g sour cream
4 table spoons grated cheese
2 eggs
some sparkling mineral water
50 g ham or bacon, chopped up

Mix well in a blender or using a mixer. Add the ham or bacon at the very end. The dough should be "viscous", neither too thick nor too thin, sort of half-liquid. To make it right and add that extra bit of "fluff", add a bit of sparkling water (maybe 4 or 5 table spoons).
Of course you can make it without the ham / bacon, if you prefer your food to be vegetarian or if you don't have any at hand.

Put some lard on the waffle iron and, when it is hot, spread about 3 table spoons of dough onto the iron, then close the iron and bake until golden-brown (with crispy edges, yummmmm!!!).

The amount described here is enough for about 6 to 7 waffles, depending on their size. I am not ashamed to tell you that I ate 5 of those lovelies today for lunch!

Thank you, mum, for another delightful meal with you!

By the way, ever since we started this in May of this year, I have not had the same dish twice yet. Don't you wish you had my mum living close to your place? :-)


  1. What a lovely waffle iron!

    Never heard of savory waffles instead of sweet ones, but they sound wonderful tasting to me.
    And yes, I wish I could be there right now, eating your Mom's good cooking!

  2. That looks so good. I've never heard of salty waffles. How cool! And I want to try that cocktail!

  3. I guess this is what you'd call a savoury waffle, right? I don't think many people over here, except perhaps in the South, use lard in that way. I love the thought of you and your parents having these lovely lunches together.

  4. Kay, it's the same with pancakes, we make both the sweet and the savoury kind.

    Sonia, that cocktail is really nice, and although it is actually a summer drink, we don't mind having it in November :-)

    Nan, you are right - "salty" was the first word that came to my mind, but "savoury" is the proper term. Those lunches are one of the big benefits to working from home!

  5. You have cocktails on a Monday lunchtime???

    I remember when I first started work, we used to go out for a proper lunch quite regularly.
    Now we hardly ever leave the office.
    And if we did, there's no way we'd consider drinking.
    I think the loss is ours....

  6. Macy, I realize how this must sound - but really, the amount of alcohol in that drink is so little, plus the food afterwards, it simply disappears into my blood stream. I would not want to be anything but 100% "there" while working, and therefore alcoholic drinks are limited to nights out or party invitations... and lunch with my mum :-)
    More often than not, I spend entire evenings at the pub or at some birthday party or other and do not have one single drop of alcohol - thankfully, I do not need it in order to "celebrate", and I can be quite silly without being aided by any chemical substances ;-)

  7. It's years since I have seen anyone use a waffle iron at home, I don't think I know a single person who makes waffles. But they're so nice! :) we had too many of them in Holland. Savoury ones are nice too.

  8. Savory is the American spelling and Savoury is the English spelling... I had to look this up since everyone above spelled this with a "U". Even though I have an English heart, I am American and spell words like an American! Hope this doesn't make me lose favor (favour) with anyone! :-)

  9. I have never tasted the savory waffles ... I am very curious ... how nice to have Mom nearby and have lunch with her!

  10. Jenny, when I was a kid, we often had sweet waffles at my grandma's. That old waffle iron probably does not exist anymore, unless my mum keeps it somewhere in the attic.

    Kay, I know the "o" and "ou" difference in many words, and I don't mind you writing as you have been doing all your life :-)

    Cri, it is very nice indeed!

  11. Yes, I wish I lived near your mum as well. Salty waffles? I'd love to try them. You are welcome to come to our house for food anytime although it would probably not be worth the plane fare from Germany to eat grits.

  12. Hugo sounds as though it would make any lunch rather good.

  13. Mark, it would be difficult to fit in lunch at your house during my lunch break from work - but should I ever happen to be in your area, I'll take you up on your offer!

    Scriptor, Hugo makes a good starter for any meal, and it is quite nice even entirely on its own, with no food to follow :-)