Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I've Been Featured!

Today, I have something special to report:
I (or, rather, my blog) has been featured!!!

Click here to find the post on Cathy's "Scene of the Blog", where she regularly features bloggers.

Some time last year, Cathy approached me, asking whether I would like to be featured in her very interesting series. Of course, I did not have to think twice about that and instantly said yes. It was fun to write up my summary of why and how and where I blog, and to take and select the pictures I wanted to go with the article.

Originally, I had heard about "Scene of the Blog" when this blog, which I have been following for quite a long time now, was featured. It just is such a good idea of Cathy's that it almost makes me wish I had it myself!
By the way, when looking at some of the other "Scenes", I realized that the only other featured blogger situated in Germany has the same model of desk as I. And I assure you, it is not of German make :-)

This series is by no means all you can find on Cathy's blog. There is so much to read and discover that you best get a sandwich and mug of coffee ready before you go over there!

Cathy, thank you very much for having given me this opportunity. It was great fun!


  1. That was really interesting Meike. May we call you that now instead of 'Librarian'? I love your home - it looks bright and welcoming. Keep up your blogs - your personality shines through.

  2. Hello Meike:
    What fun to have been featured in this way. It is such a good feeling when a fellow blogger obviously appreciates what one writes and shares that enthusiasm with the blogging world at large. Congratulations, you fully deserve this accolade.

    We shall now be dashing over to Cathy's blog to see what she has to say!

  3. Ah, so Meike equals 'Librarian'. I've seen your comments around the blogosphere and I'm pleased to meet you. Cathy is wonderful isn't she? Introducing so many bloggers to each other. I hope her series continues on and on.

  4. Maggie, you can call me Meks, Meike, Librarian - whatever you like best, I respond to all of them :-)

    It is a great idea, isn't it, Jane and Lance!

    Kay, pleased to meet you, too, and thank you for popping in!

  5. I'm so pleased for you! I rushed right over and read Cathy's blog. Great to be published and I'm sure you will gather many more Followers as a result.
    By-the-way, I read all your short stories the other day and enjoyed them all; you have a fine talent.

    1. Thank you, Jill - I am glad my tidying up of My Mental Library had this effect, and you took the time to read my short stories!

  6. Meike,
    Lovely interview, very nice to see your home . Its so organized! Love your choice too in your permanent novel collection and those windows in your kitchen that look to open sideways. Must be welcome on warm summer days

  7. Julie, glad you like it! The organized surroundings are most helpful to keep the sometimes rather entangled and overgrown wilderness of my mind at bay.
    Does that kitchen window really look as if it opens sideways? I'd never thought of that! In fact, it opens inwards, just like all the windows in my flat do. Which is the main reason for me not wanting any "stuff" on my window sills, except for the potted basil and the watering can.

  8. It was fascinating reading about, or more particularly seeing, the bits of your life that I hadn't read about or seen before.

    'rather entangled and overgrown wilderness of my mind' - I just love that description. I shall probably plagiarise it!

    How windows open is an oddly fascinating topic. All my windows in The Cottage open outwards or slide but in Eagleton half open out and half open in. Hmmmm.

  9. You are welcome to plagiarise my "wilderness" remark, GB! And indeed, windows are fascinating. I like the ones that you shove up so that the lower half is open, they seem very exotic to me as we don't have them in Germany. In Northern Germany, where strong winds are a daily occurrance, I am told most houses have their windows opening outwards, because then the wind actually presses them shut instead of blowing them in.

  10. Meike it was great seeing your 'spaces'! Everything is so clean and uncluttered and bright. Lovely!

  11. Congratulations Librarian, its good to be acknowledged and you deserve it.

  12. Hey!
    I left a comment here at lunch but it looks like I was in too much of a hurry and it didn't get through!! Sorry!
    So happy that you were featured on the blog and were able to show the world how it is possible to have such a clean and neat place to live and work!
    Hey, do you see Kay up there? She has a great blog, and I am NOT just saying that because of her name!

  13. That's great. I'm going to go over and check it out now :-)

  14. It's so amusing to find how small a world it is. I too follow Geranium Cat's blog! Looking forward to going over to read the feature.

    By tbe way, you might be interested in a comment I left on Kay G's blog (another one we both visit!) - "I think it's a wonderful that folk from two countries which were at war within our parents' lifetimes (and my brother's)are now linked by instant communication and the sharing of recipes. It makes me think the world ain't such a bad place after all!"

  15. Thanks, Peggy - that is precisely how I want it, and therefore that is how I keep it. Easy, of course, when there is nobody but me (and the cat) to disturb the order :-)

    Marco Pasha, thank you!

    Yes, Kay, I have checked out "the other Kay's" blog after she had left her comment here, and I agree with you. As for the neatness - my sister loves to play little tricks on me when she is here, such as turning one of the Hello Kitty dolls the wrong way round or so. And RJ likes to upset the order of my bathroom cabinet by putting the toothpaste on a different shelf.

    Diane, yes, it is so nice of Cathy to have featured me!

    Scriptor, I think there are a lot of us being followers of the same blogs because that is how we first came across them, by them being mentioned on blog we already followed or because their authors left comments and they piqued our curiosity.
    I agree 100% with you regarding the communication of people from countries who once were at war. Of course this is made easier because none of us have any personal experience of those terrible events, only through family members.

  16. Hi
    Visiting from Kittling Books - I hop eyou don't mind me poking around!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. Hi Shelleyrae, of course I don't mind you poking around, that's the whole idea behind the featuring, isn't it :-)

  17. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Meike!