Tuesday 31 January 2012

Definitely Dotty!

After yesterday's musings about whether I am going nuts or not, it is now official: I am definitely dotty!

At least today.
Look at all the dotted things I brought home from town yesterday!

The muesli bowls were a gift from my sister, I've had them for at least half a year or longer, and when I saw the Cath Kidston paper napkins in the shop, I asked my mum whether I could have them (and I could). Don't they match the bowls just perfectly? They'll make a nice addition to my Sunday morning breakfast table.

The tights I wanted because tonight, for my Dad's birthday party (he is 70 today), I am going to wear the grey dress I showed you in my "Fashion Calendar" post. The tights and shoes I wore on that first picture are not warm enough today; I woke up to the scratching noise people make with their snow shovels.
And a grey dress with a simple cut and no pattern can handle colourful accessories, such as the dotted tights. The plain midnight blue tights to the far left were simply a necessity, to replace a pair that has developed some pilling and is not really sightly anymore.

The dotted ones were at half price, they are very nice, warm and comfy, and I can wear them with my fuchisa dress... (adding a pair of black boots, of course, and wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt underneath the dress, as well as *ahem* combing my hair...)

or with the purple satin blouse and a pair of shorts.

Now, I wonder which way I should go tonight:

or bold?

I think I'll be bold! (And I promise, I'll comb my hair before I leave. Actually, I've combed it maybe ten minutes after having taken the pictures this morning.)

Yes, another shallow fashion post. And beware - there is more to come in the course of this year...


  1. Love the tights! And happy birthday to your father - have fun!

    Oh - and I'd go for the shorts outfit.

  2. Dear Librarian,
    Hey! I agree with Frances, I would go for the shorts!
    Oh, and you what I would do? I would draw 70 dots on your Dad's birthday card! And put hearts in each one! (Yes, I really would do that, I am so corny, you know).
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! And I hope you all have great fun celebrating it...we are looking forward to the photos.

  3. As long as you comb your hair, each of the outfits looks nice... ;-)

  4. Lovely dotty tights! Yes, bold is better. Glad to know you plan to comb your hair :)

  5. Ah, I love these tights with the fuchsia dress and no shoes.....What a happy feeling. Happy Birthday to your father who is three years older than I am, and whose birthday seems to be 5 days later.

  6. I love patterned tights. I have some with roses, some with dots, some with bows, leopard, etc. Yours are adorable and look so comfy!

  7. Love the tights! Who takes these great pictures of you?

  8. I'd go with bold as well! If I had had your legs I'd be very happy to show them off too (assuming, of course, that I was female!) I'm afraid that when I wear socks they are very boring. I reserved colour for my roll neck sweaters and my ties.

    There's nothing shallow about one's appearance. Just because some people no longer take or never have taken an interest in how they look and prefer to dress solely for comfort does not make those who do the reverse shallow.

  9. You make me smile. Thank you :-) GO WITH THE BOLD!

  10. I'm with the bold too!


  11. Thank you, Frances! I did not wear the shorts, though. But we had fun nonetheless :-)

    Kay, thank you! There will be pictures but you know what my family are like about showing their pictures; I'll be allowed only to show the empty table and maybe the crowd of people from the back.

    Anonymous, I DID comb my hair...

    Jenny, that's what I thought, too, and so I went for bold (with combed hair) :-)

    Thank you, Kristi, I think those tights are perfect for the dress, and I shall soon wear that outfit.

    Sonia, they are comfy indeed, not scratchy or anything, just warm and soft on the skin.

    Patsy, I did!

    I am my own photographer, Jill. My camera has a self-timer that I can set on either 2 or 10 seconds, and while 2 is too short, 10 can be surprisingly long when you wait for the flash to go off.

    GB, thank you - I did go bold, and your kind words make me feel a little less shallow. Actually, I feel a post coming on about that topic.

    You are welcome, Diane! And yes, I did go bold :-)

    SP, you and I were of the same opinion there!