Monday 16 January 2012

Moon Show

Who reads my blog more or less regularly may be under the impression that my flat only has one window, facing East from my kitchen. Well, it is not so; there are two in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in the livingroom (where I work during the day), two in the bedroom and one in The Third Room.
But the view from my kitchen window is simply the best one, and that is why it features on here so often.

The other night, I was watching a spectacular full moon show from it.

My camera (or, rather, the photographer, i.e. myself) was not capable to really show 1:1 what my eyes saw, but hopefully these three pictures give you an idea of just how spectacular it was. They were taken within seconds from each other; it was a very windy night and the clouds were moving rapidly across the nightly sky. I did try to take a close-up one of the moon, but not having a tripod, even with the anti-wobble-thingy on (don't know what that feature of my camera is actually called), all I managed was at best an egg-shaped white blob instead of the beautiful silvery sphere I saw with the naked (well, not totally - I was still wearing my specs!) eye.

It is times like this I wish I could paint.


  1. wow, diese Bilder sehen toll aus (:
    Vor allem wegen der Wolken.
    LG :D

  2. Hello:
    When the sheer beauty of Nature presents itself to one,it would be so wonderful to be able to capture it for ever. We can completely identify with what you say here, but how marvellous that you could appreciate the sight at first hand for yourself.

  3. Sharing what we have seen and experienced is, I think, a basic need in many of us. One reason, I suppose, that some of us blog. I can see from the photos why you would be so excited. I often gaze at the moon through my spotter scope and have often photographed it. I can't recall catching it with the clouds scudding by though.

  4. This is wonderful! So great that you saw and paid attention to this, and it is part of you forever, now.

  5. Just beautiful! Sometimes when the moon is full it's like a spotlight is shining in our bedroom windows!

    Have a great week!

  6. Danke, Mella! In echt war es noch viel spektakulärer :-)

    Hello, Jane and Lance! Good to see you back, and thank you for commenting again.

    GB, you are right, it is part of the motivation to blog, at least for me (and, it seems, for a lot of other people as well).

    Thank you, Kristi!

    Mary, it happens here as well, sometimes it is so bright I think I could read a book without needing the lamp on my bedside table.

  7. I too often find myself wishing I could take photos of atmosphere and things that change quickly. It's so difficult, but I always try because it reminds me of those things. I liked your moon pictures, made me think of times I have been impressed by the moon myself.

  8. Yes. Jenny, you are right; even if we can not truly capture with the camera what our eyes see, the photo is a good reminder of it.

  9. I agree with you and Jenny. It's why I have so many photos of certain butterflies and if one appears in the garden I can't help but photograph it again. Each one reflects a moment in time when something special impinged upon my consciousness. I think this need to capture such moments is one of the things that separates us from the 'lesser animals'.

  10. Scriptor, exactly - "a moment in time when something special impinged upon my consciousness", you have put it so well!

  11. I've been trying to comment on this post for a couple of days now and finally I can. I enjoyed the lovely pics so much they inspired me with an idea for a short story. Thanks for the post :-)

  12. Hello Diane, yes, the comments feature on blogger is extremely buggy these days, so thank you for persevering, and for becoming one of my regular readers! I love the thought of something I post on here serving as an inspiration to someone else.