Saturday 7 January 2012

Fashion Calendar: January

Months ago, fellow blogger Frances wrote something about clothes that made me start to collect pictures for my very own "Autumn Wardrobe" post - the pictures are all here on my computer, taken over the course of several months during autumn and winter 2011, but somehow* I never wrote that post.

Now, 2012 is already seven days "old", and I think it is as good a day as anyone to start on my own personal fashion calendar. As much as showing off in a rather childish manner, this is supposed to serve also to keep track of how much I actually spend on clothes, regardless of whether I "need" them or not. Maybe it will help me remember, looking back, how many nice things I already have in my wardrobe, and that I really do not need any more.

On the 2nd of January, RJ and I went for a walk; as it was quite wet and windy out there, we decided against the fields and walked into town centre instead. As is probably the case for most of the areas where you live, sales have already started in the shops; they all want to get rid of what was not sold before Christmas, to make room for the stuff that is specifically ordered and produced for the "proper" Winter Sales.

Without actually looking for anything specific, I found this dress at half price (50 Euros instead of 99) at the comma shop - and in my size, too, which is not to be taken for granted, because I am of such average size that it is, most of the time, the first to be sold out.
I tried it on, liked it, and bought it. Only later I looked it up on the internet, and saw what horrible, absolutely non-matching  shoes they made the model wear with it - would anyone in their right mind wear such ugly shoes in the first place, and then with this dress?
Instead, I am going to wear it with the shoes I wore on New Year's Eve, so that it looks like this:

Now, of course my hair and face were not "done" for the photo, but I guess you'll agree with me that it is a versatile dress that can be toned up or down according to the occasion and fits both work and play. Does a new dress (or, if you are male, a new suit, shirt or anything else) also fill you with anticipation? Do you know the feeling as if a new piece has been yours for a long time already, and you feel very much at home in it? That is exactly what my new dress, my first fashion acquisition in 2012, is like!

*That "somehow" actually means fear of criticism. I have had many (at times rather harsh) critical comments from family members who read my blog and are either of the opinion that what I write is of no interest to anyone else or they think it is downright ridiculous. So far, said critique has not deterred me from keeping to write what I want to write about, with the exception of information such as personal names and pictures of those who have expressively forbidden me to reveal anything about them. Let me assure you (you = anyone who happens to read this) that, whenever I sit here at my computer to write on my blog, I never, NEVER set out to hurt anyone or spread private information about them. This is my blog, a mixture of journal, book and film reviews, recipes, musings inspired by my hardly very exciting, but comfortable daily life, and by what I read, see or hear elsewhere, and a few short stories (the oldest entries).
Perl wrote about his reasons for blogging here, and what he says expresses a lot better than I can in my own words what is, in part, my motiviation for keeping this going. Oh yes, there is a portion of narcissism in me, more than maybe in a lot of other people, and it would be a lie to say that the attention I get here through your kind comments was not most welcome. But, writing for the reader (who I can never be entirely sure of, really) is only one half of the story. More importantly, I write because I need to, I enjoy it, and as I lack other talents such as painting or composing music, it is my creative outlet (not very creative when it comes to listing recipes and books I've read, I can hear you say, and you are right - but I think you still get the idea).


  1. ah, das muss dein neues Strickkleid von comma sein,
    von dem du erzählt hast (:

    Sieht super aus! ^^

  2. Hey!
    I love that dress! It is perfect for you and the shoes and the stockings are just right. Do you have the TV show called "What Not To Wear"? It amazes me to see that some women do not know the kinds of clothes that they need to wear for THEIR body shape.
    I think that the things that you write about are the things that you would say to me if I were right there in Germany with you. But then, I am also a bit of direct person with no ill will involved at any time, so we are alike in that way.
    I love to blog and the freedom it gives me. No one to say, "Kay, you really shouldn't say that", or "That's too corny, that's too religious, that's too silly!!" The only thing that I struggle with is that I feel a bit shy to write about the things that I love and cherish the most.

  3. Love the dress! I think it can be dressed up or down also, that one of the nice things about a dress like that. I also find the more versatile a piece of clothing is the more likely I'll want to wear it.

    Now, as for those "harsh family members" I would imagine they don't have enough fortitude or possibly imagination to create a blog. For me blogging is personal, it's about my activities and what I enjoy doing.

    One of the things I like most about your blog is you share a different culture than I do, and It's always interesting and educational to learn about another culture and people.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Very interesting how you feel offended being critisized (by the way, noone said your blog is ridiculous). And very interesting, how you left out the positive comments the family member made about liking the way you can write. Some people just do not understand your somehow "exhibitionistic" side and do not want to have their life published in www.

  5. Danke, Mella, genau, das ist das Kleid :-)

    Kay, indeed, what I blog about is also what I talk about when I meet friends, only that, of course, a blog offers me the chance to say ALL I want without interruption, while a conversation with friends should be dialogue or discussion, not monologue.
    Not sure whether such a TV show exists here, since I do not watch much, but I often see ladies and think, they'd look tons better if they did not insist on wearing clothes 3 sizes too small for them...

    Thank you, Mary! I feel the same about the blogs I follow, written by people whose life is very different from my own - and yet we all have a lot in common, for instance blogging :-)

    Hello 12, always good to hear from you, and you are of course entirely right about the exhibitionist streak in me. The positive comments were not "left out" in a deliberate attempt to show just one side of the coin. I appreciate them more than my family and friends probably realize, but they were not the topic here.

  6. The dress and shoes and the hose are lovely and so is the lady wearing them!

  7. Thanks, Peggy :-) (assuming you mean me and not the picture I have linked to...)

  8. Ooh! Thanks for the link to my humble scribbles. The move from absolute to relative obscurity is rather exciting! ;-D
    Nice dress. It needs the right shoes though or it could look matronly (like on the model you alluded to. I did have a look).
    As for criticism: Hey! Its all attention! Good or bad, it shows us we exist.
    I often wonder why programmes such as "What not to wear" and "How to look good Naked" (good old Gok. I can't say a word against him here without at least hard stares from the female side of the household) are always ained at women. I would love someone to tell me what suits my shape and colouring but nothing like that exists for us blokes.
    Well, when I get my purple silk suit with matching top hat, I will be sure to put up a photo.

  9. You are welcome, Perl. Your blog deserves a lot more attention, you know. And I hope there will be a purple silk suit picture soon!!
    By the way, such people do exist. Last year, I went to a XING event where one of the three presentations was aimed at men and how they should dress to bring the best out in them. The lady giving the presentations showed examples of how different a man can look when the cut of his clothes matches his body shape, you know, the kind of "before/after" pictures. She does offer her services as a style counsellor and shopping advisor to any man who is willing to pay.

    SEO, sorry, but your blog is in no way similar to mine, and mine does NOT have "all latest fashion". So please do not leave spam comments on here. Thank you.

  10. Oh, pooh, let them say what they will say! I like your posts and enjoy reading them, though I seldom comment. If it will get your relatives off your case, (asserting that no one reads or likes your stuff), I'll start commenting regularly so they can see that you do have many readers.

    Your new outfit looks divine. I love the pattern stockings. I recently bought a pair but haven't yet worn them, as I wasn't sure what to wear them with. But you have given me some ideas and solved a fashion dilemma.

    Have a very happy rest of January, and we look forward to more of your posts.

    Hugs, Carol

  11. You have awesome thinking. I share to my friends. By Regards Wholesale Printer

  12. I agree to Perl who says, criticism means that at least people are reading your blog. Of course, if you only want comments about how stunning you look in your latest dress...

  13. Carol, thank you! Good to hear that my post helped you solve a "fashion dilemma" :-D
    I may have given the wrong impression here, it is not as if my family are constantly breathing down my neck or causing me grief over my blog. The critical comments were rare, and of course they are entitled to their own opinion as much as anyone else. With my explanation, I mainly tried to forego what I expected to be a shower of negative comments about how shallow I am (true), how much of an attention-seeker (true), and how trivial and mundane it is to post about one's new clothes (true again).

    Thankyou, Wholesale Printing.

    12, yes, please, tell me how stunning I look :-D I can never hear that too often... he he

  14. Pfffffff :-)

  15. I have a very simple view on blogging - that it is an outlet for the blogger bot an attempt to make a major contribution to world literature. And, like you, I don't try to take into account my particular readership because one never ceases to be surprised by what people like or dislike.

    For me the best thing sbout new clothes is having something in the wardrobe that one can put on when health or circumstances are making one feel down. There are few things like fresh smart clothes for boosting one's mood.

  16. Scriptor, that's true, it feels good every morning to be able to put on clean clothes after the shower. And don't you also just love the feeling of fresh bed sheets?

  17. Keep blogging. Despite your family criticism, what you write is always interesting to your followers. And if it is important to you, it doesn't matter anyhow. By the way, the dress looks better on you than on the model at the Comma website.

  18. I was hoping someone was going to say that, Mark, thank you :-D

  19. Love the dress! I don't like any kind of heel so I'd wear it with flat black knee-high boots. Looks so cozy!

  20. Add me to your 'pro' readership. I always enjoy your blog and especially the views inside and outside your flat when you post them.
    And, don't you think the whole idea of a blog is to express the feelings, thoughts, opinions of the writer, much the same as a personal diary, except those dedicated to cooking, crafts. Even the reading review blogs express the thoughts of the writer.

  21. Sonia, if I'd wear the dress right now, I'd wear knee-high black boots with it, too; the shoes on the picture are not really made for our January weather :-)

    Thank you, Jill! Yes, you are right, the book reviews etc. also express the opinion and thoughts of the person who wrote the review.
    Just tonight, I took some pictures of the rather dramatic moon-lit sky outside my kitchen window. Somehow, I never tire of that view, in spite of me living in this flat already more than 8 years.

  22. We always need new things in our wardrobe. The secret is to throw the old stuff away.

    Keep blogging to your heart's content - you have a large following so you must be doing something right.

  23. Thanks, Maggie! Indeed, a few days before I bought the dress, I filled a plastic bag with items I did not need or want any longer and put it out for a charity organisation to collect.
    They leave leaflets in our mailboxes regularly and come round to collect stuff, and I will have something for them every time.

  24. Better late than never. Here I am too. Firstly, I think the dress is stunning. Actually it's the combination of dress and wearer that makes the stunning and, being a legs man, I rather think the whole package is sehr annehmbar (although as that is a direct translation from English/French I am making the assumption that it has the same connotation).

    Life is mostly froth a bubble and we can't all be deep all the time. We need our shallow times. Most of what I blog about is inconsequential. But whilst we are comfortable in our own blogging skins we shall continue bloody but unbowed.

    Sorry. It's late (1am) and I'm in a pre-bed prosaic mood.

  25. Thank you for that kind compliment, GB! The translation does work, it is a bit unusual, but perfectly understandable.
    Good to know my shallowness is not pushing away my readers!