Monday 12 November 2012

Another Guest Post: Brimham Rocks

Just like the guest post about growing orchids, today's guest post was, once again, not written my my Mum or anyone else I know personally. Instead, the author offered it to me by email. Well, strictly speaking, she offered any post related to travelling, either about a particular destination or some other aspect of travelling. Since I was given the choice, I asked her to write about Brimham Rocks, a place not too far from Ripon, where (as you will know if you have been reading my blog for a while) some of my Yorkshire family live and I spend some time every year.
In 2011, my sister-in-law took me to Brimham Rocks for a very nice day out. We had an aunt and uncle with us and enjoyed walking and climbing about (not too much climbing, though; we left that to those better equipped for it).
To my amazement, I found that I never wrote about that beautiful place on my blog, and therefore, this guest post offers some of the information I could have given you last year.

First, here is a short bio of the author:
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Angela Harpert is an avid traveler and adventurer by nature. She quickly falls in love with new places, new cultures and undiscovered "treasuries", constantly finding inspiration and fascination behind every corner. For more or useful tips on your perfect vaction please vitit

The Brimham Rocks

Unlike the art of rock balancing, which is something absolutely amazing (look it up, I dare you) balancing rocks are a natural occurrence. The Brimham rocks are one such formation of strange rocks you'd expect to tip over at any moment by just looking at them. Now I have occasionally seen similar formations during my travels, though nothing so amazing and precariously balanced as the idol rock among this formation.

For those of you not familiar with where these are, they are located (as the name suggests) in Brimham, not far from the Brimham moor. If you have a vivid imagination you can see all sorts of amazing shapes in the rocks, from animals to human beings. Kids and adults love climbing all over them and even though this may look dangerous in reality they are firmly connected since these are rocks usually carved by the elements which only look this way. You might think of the rock as a flower with a stem, where the lower part of the Idol Rock for example is the “stem”. This is not uncommon among people who have seen these rocks all over the world. The area is absolutely gorgeous and serene thanks to its relative distance from the local civilized areas. There is a gift shop and a visiting centre on site, however they are closed throughout the week and only open during the weekends.

Geologically speaking they are formed in various ways since they may vary with size and structure. The Brimham rocks are what we call pedestal rocks and for many years it was apparently believed the reason for these formations was simple wind abrasion. As more time passed however scientists have finally concluded there must have been chemical weathering at the base of each of these rocks to produce such an effect. Sometimes these rocks are also referenced to as hoodoos. The term is geological, however the name probably originated in North America where they were compared to totems because of their unique shapes. Whatever the case people's imaginations have been running wild here for centuries. These rocks were often said to have been connected to a number of magnificent ideas such as druid worship, connection to the Devil himself and even the English soothsayer Mother Shipton among all things.

What shaped the Brimham rocks however is believed to have been the result of sand blasting the bottom of the rock in the case of the Idol Rock and with the others it was the continuous act of freezing and thawing which resulted in the curious shapes we see today.

If you haven't visited this place before this is something you shouldn’t miss if you're in the area or in Yorkshire in general. It is a nice, serene place where you'll be able to enjoy nature's touch everywhere around you. The sights are beautiful and the air is clean and lovely, so this is a perfect place for a nice picnic or some time just contemplating and relaxing.

- - -

When I visited this beautiful place, I took many pictures. You can see the great view I had from there, as well as some of the unusually shaped rocks, by clicking on this picture View from Brimham Rocks and then "next" in the top right corner above the picture. I hope you liked this short excursion into the great wide open!


  1. Hello Meike:
    We have enjoyed reading this 'guest' post inasmuch as it has given us a detailed insight into an area of Yorkshire previously unknown to us. We have connections with Leeds, and Ripon is a town we have enjoyed visiting in the past, and so there is really no excuse for not having at least seen the Brimham Rocks. Next time, perhaps?!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance,
      it is a bit far out, which contributes to the appeal of the place. Although you would not think so on a nice sunny day - when I was there, large numbers of people had had the same idea, and I truly admired the men who were expertly organising parking and the in and out of cars. In spite of it being so popular on that particular day, we managed to get away from the crowds, and it is well worth a visit.

  2. Quite astonishing Meike. I haven't seen nor, I confess, heard of Brimham Rocks so found the post both interesting and informative. Thanks.

    1. You are welcome, Graham; before I'd been there, I'd never heard of it before, either, in spite of having been in the area many times before.

  3. Another fascinating place i want to see someday.

    The list is getting so long, i may have to live to be 200 to see them all!

    1. You are so right, messymimi - there are so many great places on this planet, one human life is hardly enough to get around to them all!

  4. Loved the trip! Especially enchanted with the rock walls. And, what on earth was a Ferris wheel doing in the middle of town? Surely it isn't a permanent fixture.

    1. Hello Jill, where did you see a Ferris wheel? There is none at Brimham Rocks...