Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Read in 2016 - 46: A Family for Christmas

This was my last fiction read for 2016 and, fittingly, a Christmas-themed story.

"A Family for Christmas" by Mona Ingram is exactly what you expect from looking at the cover: A feel-good book for the holiday season, like some of the sugary movies made explicitly for Disney Channel on TV.
And just like I enjoy all the Christmas cookies, chocolates and other sweets that come with the season, I enjoyed this story*, being sure from the start it was going to end well with smiles and hugs and love and happiness all around.

Two young women, best friends since college, live together in Calgary. One of them runs a successful fashion business, the other one has just been made redundant from her job in accountancy. Both have, how else could it be, unhappy love stories in their past and don't think they can ever trust a man again.

But guess what - by the end of the book, both ladies have not only found the loves of their lives, but also been welcomed into one of the wealthiest (and at the same time nicest) families in the area! To top it all off, they make an orphan girl very happy.

Needless to say, every man and woman in the book is utterly gorgeous, the men are impressively fit and muscular, and the little girl is not only cute but also wise beyond her years. Oh, and don't forget the puppy to add just a tad bit more sweetness!

Of course it isn't all plain sailing - both men conceal something important from the ladies, so that when those secrets come to light, they appear worse than they are and threaten the eternal happiness that seemed so close within reach. But surprise, surprise: by Christmas, all things are explained and all problems solved.

Like I said, a nice, sugary Christmas read, but nothing you absolutely HAVE to put on your kindle for next Christmas. There were very few typos, so in spite of it having been a free ebook, I was not disappointed with the editing. It was my first book by Mona Ingram. Her homepage is here, if you are interested.

*Also, just like I crave something more substantial to eat, something savoury, after having indulged in Christmas cookies and chocolates, I needed to read non-fiction after this.

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