Thursday, 25 May 2017

Read in 2017 - 20: The Healthy Happy Family

[Just a short interlude of two posts before I'll pick up my Lago Maggiore posts again. I have a back log of several more book reviews to post; amazingly, these days I seem to be reading books faster than I can review them!]

The Healthy Happy Family: A Family Guide to a Healthier Home on a Budget
Derek and Emily Childs

What made me download this free ebook a few years ago in the first place was the fact that I am very aware of how much my happiness depends on my health, and I know very well that what (and how much of it) I eat and drink has an impact on my health - directly and short-term as much as indirectly and on the long run.

A lot in this book is common knowledge. Don't we all know we ought to consume less fat, sugar, salt and carbs, and put more of the good stuff like fruit and vegetables in our bodies? Doesn't everybody know that the most common lifestyle in our (western) society involves way too much sitting and way too little exercise? Is it not the goal of every normal parent to have a healthy, happy family?
No huge surprises there. Still, it can help to hear (or read) good advice more than once; maybe that enables someone to make some changes for the better in their lives.

The authors are a married couple who have put together advice on shopping, cooking, eating and exercise based on their own experience. They have two young children and know that it can be a challenge to make the little ones eat healthily. Add to all that the fact that they do not have an infinite source of money (who does?), and yet they manage to buy healthy ingredients and prepare nutricious and delicious meals.

The book comes with recipes, practical tips for what you'll need in your kitchen (and what not) and some ideas on how to make it work as a family with young children, living on a budget.

As I said, no huge surprises, but presented in a nice, understandable manner, neatly divided into chapters that are not too long.
Certainly not a must-read, but definitely a can-read. (And to be honest, I am not going to make any changes in my lifestyle - be it diet or exercise - because of the book; I am already happy and generally in good health.)

There is an article and short video about the authors and their book here.

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