Friday, 2 June 2023

Post-Covid Week

After my "Covid Week", what followed is best described as post-Covid week. I was still not entirely well, but getting better every day.

On Monday, the 22nd of May, the weather was warm with wall to wall sunshine. Normally, I would have made sure to finish work as early as possible and then go for a good, long walk, or meet up with my Mum and sister for ice creams, or do something else that spells SUMMER.
But I was still testing positive, and although I felt better, I was not really well yet. Therefore, I did not leave the house at all after I'd worked for 7 hours.

Tuesday (May 23) was similar in terms of sunshine and temperature. The positive line on my test was barely visible, and I was able to work well, resting for a while on my bed during my lunch break. 
After work, my sister came visiting, bringing a savoury snack and cake for dessert. We enjoyed both and then went for a walk - my first in a week! We went to the cemetery, which was just about the right distance for me. It felt good and I could tell I was definitely on the mend.

I was scheduled for a course at work on Wednesday, the 24th of May. Thankfully, it was all online; I would not have felt up for a whole day at the office just yet, including the train trips there and back with all that entails.
My test was now negative, and after having sat at my computer for about 7 hours, a walk was just what I needed. That day must have been Ginger Cat Day - I saw four cats in four different places, all of them ginger. None of them was interested in talking to me, though! They were far too busy observing blackbirds, and one was having a stand-off with a magpie right there on the pavement. Only when I was about two feet away did the cat disappear under a hedge and the magpie fly away.

The thermometer reached 22 Celsius (71.6 F) on Thursday (May 25). I was still working from home, considering it best not to risk a relapse. Afterwards, I visited my Mum, and we spent a pleasant couple of hours on her balcony, enjoying the evening sun and the meal my Mum made for us.

It would have been my Opa's 109th birthday, and both the red wine and the meal (sauerkraut with mashed spuds and Wiener sausages) were what he would have liked. You can read my Mum's guest post about my Opa (her dad) here.

By Friday, May 26th, I was certain that my first ever bout of Covid was over, testing perfectly negative for the 2nd day and having only a bit of a cough left. 
O.K. arrived at around 9:30 pm, and we made a quick dash into town, having something to eat and drink at the "Brew Days". This festival is supposed to focus on beer and breweries, but among the many stalls there were only two selling beer, and they both belonged to the same brewery. The rest was wine, cocktails, and all sorts of food. A band was playing on the stage, and there was a good crowd - not too many people to make one feel uneasy, just right. We stayed for a couple of hours before calling it a day.

The weekend was very summerly and deserves its own post.


  1. Good that you seem to have got through covid now. We can't understand how we've escaped it so far.

    1. Over the last few years, I have thought more than once I might have caught it, but my tests were always negative. This time, there was no doubt.

  2. Delighted to hear that you are feeling so much better and testing negative! Phew! Last weekend was the one year anniversary of our family covid bout and we agreed that once is enough!


    1. Thank you, Ceci! I absolutely agree - once is enough, even though I can hardly complain, as it was no worse than a big fat cold.

  3. Gosh, that is a fabulous photo of you, Meike! I love all the pretty blues in that picture! I am so glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you, Ellen! My Mum has made her balcony very pretty; you should see the flowers! It is facing West but getting sun almost all day, as it is the top floor of the house and the roof slopes up behind it. The perfect place to watch the sun set.

  4. Hi Meks/Meike, I'm, glad you are better now and no longer suffer from Covid symptoms. That's a wonderful photo of you. You're not looking different from the times we met in real life.
    I've been following your blog and your Sims2 story for a long time now, but this is the first time I try to post a comment.

  5. Sorry, forgot to say who I am. Gagea/Gabi

    1. Hello Gagea, what a nice surprise to „hear“ from you! It‘s been a long time - I stopped working for EA almost 10 years ago… and my hair was brown then 😊
      I hope you are well. Do you still play TS2? My new computer is great, but somehow these days I find it hard to spend much time playing when I have already been at a computer all day for work, and rather use the long daylight hours for walks.

    2. I'm fine and my hair is almost the same colour as ten years ago.;)
      I'm still playing the Sims, but at the moment only Sims 4, to be able to answer the questions in the forum and in AHQ. I've got used to Sims 4, but there is so much I miss in comparison to Sims 2. I've been retired for almost ten years now and don't miss my former job.

    3. Of course you need to be an expert player with TS4; I did enjoy it when I was playing it, but never got quite as "close" to my Sims there than with TS2.
      Belated congrats to your retirement :-D

  6. We are all delighted to hear about your Covid recovery.
    So your Opa would have been 109, a thought that takes winds us back in history,
    'that great old ruined Europe' as Maurice Gee wrote in his novel Going West.
    Good red wine and Wiener sausages: just the way to toast Opa's Immortal Memory.
    I am just this evening back from my first post-Covid holiday.
    I drunk vino red & white with Dinner in London and Cheltenham.
    The best part was a visit to the Wetlands in Putney to see and hear the honking geese and ducks and birds, a Green Plan by the local borough linking North London to the teeming wildlife of the Essex marshes.
    There is not a cloud in the sky tonight.
    We don't get many nights like this in Scotland.

    1. Your first post-Covid holiday sounds a good combination of enjoyable food and drink, and visiting a place teeming with wildlife. The Essex marshes are a region I will most likely never see, but I love the part along the Ripon canal where you can look out from a shelter across a small stretch of wetland between the canal and the river (Ure) and see all the water fowl meeting there.
      We've been having cloudless night skies here, too, but the lights here in town are too bright to see more than the most prominent stars.