Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Mysterious Parcel

On Monday, I was going back to work for the first time since my operation.
Work starts only at 1.00 pm for me on Mondays, so I was still home when someone rang my door bell: a small parcel was delivered.

The stamp said "Guernsey", and there was no hand-written address label or sender. Much as I think it is a beautiful place, I've never set foot on Guernsey, and I don't know anybody there and had not ordered anything recently, so I really had no idea what this mysterious parcel meant.

Well, there was one way to find out!

Underneath the plastic wrapper, a pretty red cardboard box appeared, and now I had an incling of what was waiting inside.

This is what I found:

Mary, my mother-in-law, had sent this to me; she lives in Yorkshire, not in Guernsey, but the florist offering the flower card service is obviously located on the island.
It is the first such card I've ever seen, and I find it quite a moving gesture from her.

The flower card came with a little plastic pipette to water the green florist foam the flowers are arranged on.

The card sits now on my sideboard next to the other get well cards I've received.

And I am much better, although I am not allowed to resume all my normal activities just yet.
At least I can work!!


  1. Get well wishes from me too........
    lots of tea and flowers!

  2. Thank you, Julie :-)
    Tea only when I am cold or have an upset tummy, but flowers any time!

  3. What a beautiful idea, your mother-in-law must love you very much!

  4. She does care about me, and the feeling is mutual.

  5. Lovely, lovely. I haven't seen these cards either, but I think they are splendid.

  6. Yes, they are, aren't they, Jill! I love getting phonecalls and emails, but nothing beats a card or flowers that you can look at while you sit in your living room and think of the lovely people who have sent them to you.

  7. What a great idea! And thoughtful mother-in-law. Hope you get well soon.

  8. Thank you, Bagman and Butler. Yes, she's a treasure! Not everyone can say that about their mother-in-law.
    I have been back to work already last Monday, and will soon be my back to my normal self.

  9. That was such a beautiful gesture!! I've never seen anything like those. Very nice, indeed! I hope you are on a wonderful road to recovery.

  10. Thank you, Mel, yes, I am as good as back to normal :-) Had my final examination yesterday, and the doctor gave me official permission to resume all my former activities!