Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And The Winner Is...

This was my very first giveaway ever, and probably, due to lack of response, it will be my last one, too.
Three of you participated, and Monday morning, the drawing of the winner took place in my living room.

I wrote the names of the participants on identical pieces of paper...

...then I folded them up and hid each paper underneath a cup (by the time the cups were in place I had already forgotten which name was under which cup)...

...then I moved the cups around several times, picked one, and unfolded the piece of paper...

...aaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis...

Congratulations, Julie - the little parcel will be posted today :-)


  1. Darn! Having just won a jar of jam in another giveaway, I need to be more observant. Of course, if more people had entered, you would have needed more blue glasses.

  2. Yea for Julie! I wish more people had responded for it was a neat giveaway, however I'm glad for Julie and disappointed for Jill and Linda! Just kidding.

  3. PS...I'm impressed by how clean you keep your computer desk top!

  4. Mark, I would have devised a different method of drawing then :-)

    Julie, I hope they'll arrive in the same good condition as I packed them.

    Jill, it is not the computer desk where I usually write from, but generally it looks like that everywhere in my flat. I need a clean and tidy outer frame in order to contain the inner chaos :-)

  5. Don't give up! It takes a while! Thank you for your comment this morning. I don't know what happened to your other post . . . I don't pre-approve, so maybe somehow it got lost in the clouds! Have a great day!


  6. Thank you, Mary, you too have a great day!