Friday 10 December 2010

The First Of Many...

...Christmas cards arrived on Monday, the day I had posted all of my cards.
In the past years, I was never famous for writing many cards, but since 2009, I have started to write back to everyone who sent me a card, and the list has gotten longer.

Writing those is no small feat for me; my handwriting is terrible and it takes me a while to put pen to paper in a manner that is at least partly legible. Also, I am very impatient, and prefer the swift pouring out of words from my keyboard to the painstaking process.

Now, the whole peace-and-love-message of Christmas is not entirely mine; I am of the opinion that one should try and live in peace with one's neighbours all year round and not only when reminded to do so by a date in the calendar. But I do like the traditional, homely feeling this period gives me, as I have said before. And I simply love to get cards and letters and parcels!

So, if I want people to send me cards and letters and parcels, of course I have to start - nothing in life simply waits to fall in your lap if you're not taking the initiative, I have learnt, and this is no exception.

Monday morning thus saw me taking not only a pile of cards to the post office, but also a parcel for the relatives in England. I put together some bits I hope they will like; there are small presents for 10 people in there, and it was fun choosing them, wrapping them up and writing a short message for each recipient on the little tag.

On Wednesday, one of my sisters-in-law sent me a text message: my parcel already arrived! I was pleased and suprised; especially at this time of the year I did not expect the postal service be so quick.

The first card was from my Auntie Vonnie. A few more have since made their way to the sideboard in my living room.

Happy card-writing and -reading to all of you!

PS: And a little reminder: my giveaway will end on Sunday.


  1. Librarian, you are really very busy, I haven't yet written any Christmas cards, though I do expect a lot of them to get! I think it's time now to start writing...

  2. Anonymous, I do not feel particularly busy, actually; I do spend a lot of time doing nothing "productive", sometimes on my own, sometimes with someone else, but writing by hand is really no small task for me - I just hope the recipients will be able to decipher their cards :-)