Sunday, 26 December 2010

Reporting Directly From...

...Winter Wonderland at -12 Celsius this morning - a rather dramatic drop, considering that we had an almost sub-tropical +6 Celsius on Thursday!
(View from my kitchen window on the afternoon of the 24th)
Friday early morning, it was still raining. From about 10.00 onwards, the rain turned into an icy sleet and then into snow, and this kept going non-stop until some time around 9.00 pm on the Saturday.
(The same view this morning, on the 26th)
I can not remember when we last had a really White Christmas, and for once, I have nothing against the snow. To get to my parents', where I spent Christmas Eve and had a very good dinner last night, I only need to walk 10-15 minutes, and with my new wellies, I rather enjoyed that - I did not need to carefully avoid puddles or heaps of snow, but could simply trudge through the quiet streets, where only one or two car drivers were bold enough to brave the weather.

For us, Christmas Eve is when we have our main Christmas get-together and when gifts are exchanged. Every year, I am amazed at how many presents there are, with us just being seven adults who actually already "have everything" and give each other "just one present each!" :-)
Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is spuds salad and Wiener sausages - this has been going on, I think, already for my parents when they were children, and we wouldn't have it any other way. The same goes for the tree - if our parents would ever try to switch from candles to electric lights on the tree, my sister and I would go into open rebellion.
On the morning of the 25th, I opened my presents from England (that's one of the many benefits of having an English as well as a German family - I get to have TWO present-opening sessions!). And now I truly feel like some spoiled brat!!
Let me end this posting with some more pictures, showing you what the view from my flat is like this morning:
I hope everyone had a good time this weekened - no matter whether you were celebrating or not, on your own or with your family and friends.
Tomorrow, life as we know it will resume... (more or less).


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Very lovely pictures of snow covered streets and roofs and trees. Santa really had his work cut out for him!

  2. I did indeed, Julie, and I hope yours was just as nice!
    - Meks

  3. I do love your Christmas snow and 'gifts' pictures. Is that a new toaster; the white with pink Kitty-something. I have a fun mental picture of you in your new Wellies tromping through the snow. Nobody I know still uses real candles on the tree; afraid of fire, but I think they are super! We call your Christmas Eve dinner potato salad and hot dogs! I do enjoy comparing our names for call it a paper knife and I call it a letter opener.
    Happy New Year from California USA.

  4. He he Jill, I shall try and get a fun picture for you showing me tropming through the snow in my new wellies!
    Indeed, that is a toaster, and I have already used it twice yesterday.
    Strangely enough, we've never had a fire incident with the Christmas tree candles, not even when my sister and I were toddlers or when the house was still full of cats and other pets.
    Happy New Year to you, too!

  5. I really liked seeing your pictures. The houses are beautiful there. Real candles on the tree!! Lucky you.