Saturday 29 October 2011

Before October Ends...

...let me show you the marvellous sunrise I observed yesterday morning just before 8.00 from my kitchen window.

The saying goes that such a colourful sunrise means bad weather, but all of yesterday was sunny and mild. Today looks a bit overcast, and at only 10 Celsius (50 F), it is cooler than yesterday, so maybe the saying is right.

My parents and I are going to visit my godmother and her family in a nearby small town this afternoon, to uphold the lovely German tradition of meeting for coffee and (preferably home-made) cake.
Her daughter, who I have not seen in - I think - 10 years, will also be there, and I am quite looking forward to this.

Since Monday night, my computer is back up and running! I can play my games again, and of course there is now nothing that keeps me from blogging more (I didn't really want to use the corporate laptop for that; my previous post was from there and it was NOT done during working hours, but still...).

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you'll be doing!


  1. Love your sunrise photo! Coffee and cake with dear people, sounds wonderful.
    Glad your computer is back again, I have missed reading what the Librarian has to say.

  2. Beautiful sunrise!
    Glad you are back, I missed you too.

  3. Thank you, Kay! Yes, coffee and cake (one with plums and one apple) was delicious, and it was very nice seeing my godmother's daughter again after such a long time.

    Jill, thank you, too!

  4. Beautiful photo. And no-one makes cakes like the Germans!

  5. I expect you know the old "Red Sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight, Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherd's Warning." I saw a beautiful red dawn the other day and the weather was perfect! Your photo captures a particularly spectacular sunrise.

  6. It sounds like an almost perfect day in my book.

  7. Frances, the cakes were plum and apple, both delicious!

    Jenny, I didn't know the saying in English, but the German version means the same.

    GB, it was indeed!

  8. This weekend the clocks go back, giving us an extra hour of weekend.
    What's not to like about that!

    I'll be watching out for more blog entries now your coputer's up and running again :)

  9. Thanks, Macy - I hope not to disappoint you (or anyone who reads my blog) with the next entries :-)
    Reg. the clock going back - I still woke up shortly after 8.00, set the clock to 7.00 and couldn't get back to sleep... so I started sorting through the stuff I need for the tax boys who want to hear from me very soon.

  10. What a wonderful sunrise photo! It took my breath away!

    In Ohio it is sailors, not shepherds, who are delighted or warned. We say "Red sails" not sky. I wonder where and when it changed.

    This year our clocks don't change until November 6th. My daughter and her family drove through western Pennsylvania yesterday in a snow storm. Winter begins too soon.....

  11. Kristi, good to hear from you!
    Yes, we've heard about the snow storms here on the news, and people reckon the snow will move over to our part of the planet in about 2 1/2 weeks... I am not keen on that, but I'll adapt, as I always do.
    Glad you like the sunrise photo!

  12. I always enjoy a beautiful sunrise, though it's just sad that I'm still asleep in my bed as it happens.If I do get to see one, I always feel that a new beginning is just in front of me and it makes me feel good. :)

  13. Hello:
    We have discovered your interesting and eclectic blog through comments which you have left on others' posts and which have, very happily, brought us to you.

    Your image of the sunset is wonderful and, like you, we often wonder if at this time of year it acts as a portent for colder weather. Certainly here, in Budapest where we live for much of our time, the nights are now very much cooler although the days remain dry and sunny.

    We love the idea of visiting friends [or, indeed anyone] for coffee and cakes as you describe here, something which we much associate with our German friends of many years.

    In order to keep in touch, we have signed as Followers.

  14. Hello denisewy, I usually do not get up in time to see the sunrise, except for this time of the year when the hours of daylight are getting less and the number of dark hours increases in such tangible manner. I hope you'll keep seeing many things that make you feel good :-)

    Hello Jane and Lance, thank you for your kind comment, and welcome as the latest on my modest list of followers! I am certainly going to check out your blog later tonight.

  15. Haha! Thanks. :)

    I've started following your blog as well, since I'm always curious on what's going around a librarian's head. :)