Tuesday 18 October 2011

Let The Music Play

This post is going to be a bit different in that I will "show" you some music (one can't really "show" music, because music is not visual but acoustic, right?), so if you are generally not too keen on clicking youtube videos, just skip this post and wait for the next one.
Some of you may remember that I was telling you about my first dance lesson ever back in March. There has been some progress since, in spite of a 2 1/2 month break during The Summer We Did Not Have, mainly due to a different schedule for the dance parties.
By now, I am quite able to spend two thirds of the time on the dance floor when we go to the Saturday night dance; I can now do Tango, Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Disco Fox, and a tiny bit of Bachata. Sunday afternoon's lesson in my living room included Samba and Blues, but I am not ready to do those in public yet - at least not before 11.00 pm, when my favourite hour at the party begins:
many couples leave by then, and there are only a few left. The DJ takes requests, and usually by then I am in such a "couldn't care less" mood that I am ready to try something new there and then, without having been taught first in the comfort of my living room with nobody watching.

Last Saturday, we had once again so much fun, and the DJ played our favourite Bachata song:

Mind you, it looks slightly different when we do the Bachata - for one thing, we are not dancing barefoot on sand ;-)

While I'm at it, let me also show you my favourite Cha Cha track:
(just skip the first 30 seconds, they're just babble)

And although I am now risking to have everybody incredulously shake their heads at me for the cheesiness of the next track - it's a Rumba, nice and easy to do (the first two minutes, that is - the rest is just for fun):

This song was also played last Saturday; it is (surprise, surprise!) a Disco Fox:

Oh, I could go on and on now that I've started youtubing for my favourite dance tracks! This one was played at the first dance party I ever went to, on June 11th of this year - it is another Cha Cha: 

 A lot of the songs they play at the Saturday dance parties are not at all my taste, and I find it difficult to dance to music I don't like. But I have become better at regarding them more as pace makers to practice the various dances than as music to be enjoyed per se; there are still songs I will refuse to dance to (much to the chagrin of RJ), but I keep learning new steps and so we do not have to sit at the side much anymore.

Saturday nights have truly become something to look forward to!


  1. Sounds good! (Pun intended). I'm glad you're enjoying your Saturday nights.

  2. I couldn't get these to load properly but I can understand that you are doing some great dancing. My favorite CD is a compliation of waltzes, my favorite thing to listen to, hands down. When I watch a dance show on TV, if I don't like the music, I will mute it, and watch them dance!
    Great post from a dancing queen!

  3. Thank you, Scriptor!

    Kay, I am nowhere near a dancing queen - but I am learning, and having lots of fun at the same time.

  4. Happy you found JR, the "dance master" and that you are learning and enjoying dance, something I always wished I could do. Alas, I have no rhythm in my body nor can I carry a tune! I do enjoy watching and listening.

  5. FUN!
    Isn't 'Celebration' so full of happiness?
    and i loved hearing the people speak German, then so effortlessly slip into English. How how do you do this??

  6. Hello Jill (it is RJ by the way, not JR), have you tried and were discouraged? It is rare for someone to really have no sense of rhythm, sometimes it is just our own inhibition.

    Julie, it is indeed! Where did they speak German? Oh, I guess you mean at the beginning of "A Night Like This". Well, that's what people do here on telly all the time :-)

  7. Oops! sorry to RJ. My daughter's boyfriend is JR.