Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Like Leek?

I certainly do! When I brought some leek a while ago, having in mind that RJ and I were going to cook together again on the weekend, I ended up eating it alone - RJ's cold had gone from better to worse, and we did not see each other at all for two weeks. Of course I did not want to let the leek and mushrooms and eggs to waste, so I threw everything together on the Sunday for myself.

The leek had to go into the pan with a bit of oil first, because it takes longest.

No need to add any liquid; once the mushrooms go in and heat up, they will release enough moisture to avoid sticking to the pan and burning (keep stirring, though).

While leek and mushrooms were making themselves comfortable, I put the eggs in a small bowl and added salt, pepper and some herbs, and then poured the egg mixture over the leek and mushrooms.

From then on, it is non-stop stirring until the egg has the right texture; of course it only takes a few minutes, so the mushrooms and leek should be as good as done before the eggs are added.
Nothing further was needed, since this was rather a large portion; it would have easily fed two, with the addition of a few slices of bread maybe, and/or sausage or anything else.

Instead, I ate it just as it was, and finished my Sunday lunch with a cup of coffee and a selection of Christmas cookies, home-made by a dear family friend who was, once upon a time, a baker and does not have to think twice about making 14 different kinds of cookies in one single afternoon (I kid you not!).


  1. Hello:
    This looks, and we are sure tasted, absolutely delicious. But then we rather like dishes of this kind which are made from a few, but good, fresh ingredients and cooked in a relatively simple way.

    We think that we may, at last, have solved the problem of posts not appearing in our Google Reader. This has come up as it should - a good omen, we hope.

  2. That is what Wendy describes as 'clean' food. To me it is just simple, wholesome, tasty, excellent fare. With black pepper, of course.

  3. This looks so good to me! Those mushrooms look wonderful. I have only ever seen leeks on TV cooking shows, never once have I had one.
    Lucky you to have a friend who makes all those cookies! Your Christmas centerpiece is pretty!

    P.S. I had to work late tonight and so your dish looks really, really good to me. Wish I had some right now!

  4. Jane and Lance, it was good, and since I can't really cook in the "classic" way (plus am rather impatient), simple it has to be for me.
    What did you do to solve the problem of posts not appearing? Maybe it will help with the two blogs (yours and Macy's) that keep disappearing for me, too.

    GB, black pepper is always at hand in my kitchen, I grind it as I need it with a pepper mill.

    Kay, we are indeed lucky to have this particular friend in the family, not only for the perfect cookies he can make :-) Hope you made something nice, quick and simple for yourself and Richard after work!

  5. Hello [again]:
    We really did no more than you appear to have done. When 'From My Mental Library' appeared in our 'Manage Blogs' list [usually after several goes at 'refresh'] we stopped following completely and then, later, refollowed. So far it seems to have worked both with your blog and others we had recently followed. Whatever, we are convinced the problem was, is, with Google changing things around. All so tiresome. But, please, do not worry. It is wonderful to have you as a Follower even if we never appear in your reader.

  6. Thank you; I shall try once more and, who knows, I might be lucky!
    Independently of your blog appearing in my reading list or not, I go there every few days anyway to see whether you have posted something new.

  7. Always looking for new things to do with leeks! I have about 300 still in the 'lotment and they are looking particularly splendid this year. Ishall go and dig some when I am home and give this a try.
    Incidentally, this reminds me of one of my favourite German words "Schittlauch": "Snip leek"
    I just find that so funny. So much cuter than "Knoblauch" which just sounds like it is.

  8. Sorry.. I meant schnittlauch. I really should wear my glasses....

  9. These mushrooms look splendid! I know I would enjoy this simple dish and may try to prepare it soon. I've never used leeks either; afraid I would not get all the sand out during washing. Do you have a tried-and-true method for cleaning them?

  10. Pete, 300!!! How long do they keep before you have to use them up? He he your "Schittlauch" made me laugh :-) It is a nice word for a nice plant indeed.

    Jill, the mushrooms came, according to the label, from Poland (which borders on Germany so I think it is alright using them; I try to avoid having my food shipped from the other side of the globe to me and increase the strain on world climate). I had half of them uncooked in my salad the day before, and they were very nice and tasty.
    The leek comes pretty clean already from the supermarket, all it takes is a bit of cold running water over it, there was no sand on it.

  11. Peggy Ann, it was indeed fast and yummy - not sure about healthy, since there were THREE eggs for one person ;-) But I do eat like that not too often, so I am sure my cholesterol level is still fine.