Thursday, 13 May 2021

A Familiar Walk

Not sure if you noticed, but without having planned it that way, my posts about this May holiday is developing into a series of walk-themed posts. So far, we have had a windswept and a beautiful walk. Of course, all our walks are beautiful, but the one under that headline was particularly beautiful.

Thursday last week (May 6) was completely rained through, and we did not leave the cottage at all - very rare, something that happens maybe once a year. I enjoyed the rest, reading more during that one day than what I usually manage in an entire month, although my eyes did not like it much. Two book reviews are now on my back log.

Friday, the 7th, was a mix of sun and clouds but no rain. Because O.K. had his first vaccination appointment in the early evening, we decided not to venture far from home and repeated a walk we had done last year in May, following a circuit worked out and signposted by the local community of the three villages, taking in all four churches. Maybe you remember last year‘s post about it, with pictures of the four churches; you can find it by typing ‘four churches’ in the search box in the top left corner on this page.

This time, I only took a few photos during the walk, and none of the churches. The 12,5 km circuit is easy with only two steep ascents towards the end. 

We were back in time for coffee and for enough rest for O.K. in order for him not to arrive at the vaccination center all exhausted and stressed out. All went well there, and apart from a bit of a sore arm the next day he did not feel any negative effects. His second appointment is in six weeks. I have not managed to get an appointment yet, but while I keep trying, I am not panicking - I still live largely risk-free, working from home and seeing only the same people (sister, parents, O.K.). 

On his way home, O.K. brought freshly made pizza from the pizza place down the road. It was delicious and just what we needed to end another good day - half time for our holiday.


  1. Life is good. I do hope that you get you jab soon.

    1. Life is indeed good (for me). I keep trying but won‘t stay up all night, clicking on the various appointment websites like some people have been doing to get an appointment. Eventually, there will be enough vaccine available in my area.

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    1. Usually it‘s the other way round when you describe your lovely meals, Pat!

  3. I love those beautiful photos looking down on the village. Glad O.K.'s first shot went smoothly. I am glad that COVID has not slowed down your lovely walks!

    1. I really like that village, even though it is not the one where ‘we’ live. It is just so beautifully nestled between forest and vineyards. Covid has, if anything, increased the number and length of our walks, since there is not much else we can do - no parties to attend, restaurants to go to, friends to visit or performances with the village band to attend.

  4. I hope you get your vaccine soon, glad O.K. has had his first.
    The government here in Britain is worried about the Indian variant.
    I am pleased our shops and cafes are open, but I think the nightclubs should have remained closed, since they are hot inside, and young folk dance close to one another.
    I am looking forward to finding your Four Churches in the search box.
    Churches can be happy places when they are empty, and so are second-hand bookshops.

    I miss sitting in the Swallow Cafe in Cheltenham, looking down on the tree-lined street they call The Promenade. Not that I have anything to complain about, many are suffering.
    Watch Cheltenham on YouTube as well as Burford the Gateway to the Cotswolds, and Stow-on-the-Wold.
    The high wolds of Gloucestershire remind me a little of your photos and rambles.
    Jack Haggerty

    1. 1) A Walk Around Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
      2) Tour and explore Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire (2020) Anne Bartlett.
      3) Snowshill Village - Cotswolds, England.
      4) Exploring the Cotswold Episodes 1-5. The Cotswold Explorer.

      All YouTube.
      The Scottish writer John Buchan (a Borders man) had a house in the Cotswolds.
      Buchan wrote *The Thirty Nine Steps* which became a Hitchcock movie as well as historic romances like *A Lost Lady of Old Years* which you would enjoy, haunted by Scottish history and a powerful sense of place which you have for the Black Forest.

    2. Our government is worried about the virus‘ mutations, too. Several restrictions are to be lifted here from Monday onwards, depending on the number of new infections in the respective areas. I don‘t think I will feel really comfortable about going out for meals or to other places full of people until I will be fully vaccinated - and not even that is a guarantee against the virus, as we know.

      The Cotswolds are famous for their beauty. I may not get so see them for myself since the precious little time I have for holidays in the UK will be spent in Yorkshire, so that I can see my friends and family there, too. But I enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes, historical towns and picturesque villages.

    3. The Yorkshire wolds are grand too: Bronte country. You'll see your family soon.

      The Swallow sat on a high pavement and had L-shaped windows from which you could see folk in the tree-lined avenue below, and they couldn't see you. It is gone, but the owners opened The Mandarin, further up towards Montpelier, near a maze of little streets they call The Suffolks. There's an independent bookshop up there.

      Burford is the prettiest village, with a steep medieval street, but I like the drive to Stow over the sleepy high wolds: like a portal to another dimension.
      Also, Winchcomb, Broadway, Bourton-on-the-Water, the two Slaughters, Cold Aston.

      Cheltenham's Moss Books in Henrietta Street is the place to find lost books, see it online.
      When the afternoon sunshine slants its golden rays on a row of old books, then you find something special ... *England Have My Bones* by T.H. White.
      J Haggerty

  5. What a nice walk! I am amazed at those beautiful clouds. I'm happy to hear O.K. got his first vaccination and I hope you will soon get yours. Keep enjoying your wonderful vacation!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! Leaving today - O.K. has to work, and I need the weekend at home to get ready. Also, I want to spend time with my sister and see my parents before the busy working week starts.

  6. Lovely skies, too. I have been noticing skies a lot more. I'm glad your eyes are now good enough to permit you to read for a day, even if it is a bit of a strain. I seem to be reading so many books lately, after quite a while reading hardly any. I'm glad OK has his first vaccination, it will give most of his protection and I wish you luck in getting one soon too. It probably won't make a huge amount of practical difference in your case, since you sound as if you live a very safe life, but it is a tiny step back towards doing a few more of the things we used to do, isn't it?

    1. It is just never boring to look at the skies, is it!
      My eyes are actually not yet good enough for all that reading, but I did it anyway. I am very optimistic about the results of my two upcoming eye operations, though.
      When I will be fully vaccinated, I will probably feel more at ease in busy places. But I guess it will take a long time before I will feel entirely comfortable again doing things like going to the pub quiz.

  7. Something caught my eye in my comment just as I posted it. I suppose it is obvious that when I said a "step back towards doing more things" I didn't quite mean that! :D

  8. Your hiking/walking stories are always so pleasant Meike - and I'd kill for a freshly made really good pizza right now but the crazy diet plan won't permit!

    Hope you get vaccinated soon - it does make one feel a lot safer.
    Have a wonderful weekend - Mary x

    1. You too have a wonderful weekend, dear Mary - even without a freshly made really good pizza! You have mentioned on your blog how your diet plan is already showing good results on your health, you don't want to put that at risk.
      Meike X