Tuesday 15 March 2022

Two Different Weekends

The weekend before last was different for us in that O.K. and I spent it separately. O.K. had pulled his back at the beginning of the week and was still in quite some pain and on medication, which did not recommend itself for the long drive to me.  Almost every day during that week, I had woken up with a headache pulling from somewhere around my right shoulder. Most days, about two hours after getting up, I was already so tired again I wanted to go back to bed. I still worked, but the week dragged on in an untypical manner, and so we both agreed it was best if each of us stayed at their own place for the weekend and tried to get better.

On the Saturday (we are talking the 5th of March here) I felt well enough to go to a guided tour at Ludwigsburg's city museum, and arranged to meet up with my Mum and sister afterwards. The tour and of course our meeting up was really good, and after my sister and I had accompanied our Mum to the bus stop and waited with her until she was on the bus, we walked up to the "giant wheel" (you remember it from previous posts, don't you) where a few stalls have sprung up, offering food and drink. Nowhere near as big as the funfair we usually have in the spring on that square, but still more than what we've had for the last two years! And the best: Our favourite stall from twenty years of Christmas markets is there on weekends, too!

Compare with one of the pictures in this post from 2019.

We enjoyed our Dinnede (although they could have been in the oven a tad longer) and then went for a short walk together. By the time I came home in the early afternoon, I was feeling pretty rough; all of a sudden, I could not stop sneezing for what felt like 100 times and was extremely exhausted, certainly not justified by the outing. 

All of Sunday I did not set foot outside the house in spite of the good weather. I felt weak and tired, and not motivated to do anything or see anyone. For several days in a row, I have self-tested, always resulting negative (which in itself does not say much, I know that). So, have I had "it"? I don't know - but what I do know is that I was back to my old self by about Wednesday, and O.K. was better, too.

Monday (March 7) morning, view from my kitchen window

Wednesday (March 9) I was finally out again for an after-work walk.

Therefore, last Friday evening saw me on the train to Offenburg again. This time, all went well with my trains, also with the return trip. We had a sunny Saturday and mostly sunny Sunday, and went for walks on both days.

Sunlight on the fields. It is all rather dry and dusty.

But there is also green, and new growth.

On the Sunday, we met for breakfast at a café with a small group of friends we had not seen in a long time. It was very noisy at the café - we are simply not used to many people anymore, are we! The food was nice, and it was really good to see our friends again. Of course, the conversation included what is on most people's minds today; we covered the pandemic, the Ukraine war, increase in prices for fuel, gas and electricity and so on. But there were also other news to talk about such as one of the couples having a baby. Yes, life goes on, doesn't it.

After our breakfast (which lasted until about 1:00 pm), O.K. and I walked directly from there through an area of Offenburg where we had not been in years. We love looking at houses and gardens, and if we can combine such walks with a bit of a view as in this case, even better.

It was (you guessed it) time for coffee and cake when we arrived home. The sun shone beautifully, luring us out once more half an hour before sunset, but then grey clouds in the west meant there was nothing to see. Still, the quick turn around the fields was nice; so much more is in bloom already in O.K.'s area than where I live. That's not unusual, as even just a difference in temperature of two degrees can bring things forward by a week or more. In any case, spring is here!


  1. Glad to hear that you feel better and are able to get back out and about for your walks. Any chance that you and OK will ever live closer to each other? I know you are used to the traveling by now but I am just nosy?! Have a good week and stay healthy!

    1. Thank you, Ellen - you too have a good week and keep well!
      At the moment, one of us moving in with the other would mean that the one moving had to be far away from their parents (they are in their 80s now or getting there). In O.K.'s case, it would also mean having to give up the village band and find a new job - not ideal when you are in your mid-50s.

  2. Sorry to hear that you and O.K. have been unwell, in this spring weather.
    Will O.K. be on medication till the pain stops?

    As for you: headaches, shoulder ache, chronic tiredness, then a cold ...
    Maybe you need a check-up: how are your eyes these days?

    At least the sun is shining and the ferris wheel is still turning.
    Is this what they call the New Normal?

    There is not a day when I do not think of Ukraine and their grief.
    Our March in Scotland has been shivery, sometimes wet.
    Empty shop units everywhere. Streets quiet, many working from home.
    The world is going through the worst transition in my lifetime.

    I am grateful to have lived so long but we are fulfilling the Chinese curse:
    *May you live in interesting times.*

    Faith, hope and charity.
    I follow the YouTube vlogs of Father Ed Trevors, an Episcopalian priest in Nova Scotia.
    A very decent man.

    Get plenty of sleep and more walks too.

    1. O.K. stopped taking his medication at the end of the first week. He is now diligently doing daily exercises designed to strengthen the back.

      Thank you for asking - my eyes are good; I have been for my regular checkup last Tuesday and will be back there in 3 months. Also, I was back to my normal self by Wednesday last week; the occasional sneezing is normal with me, what with so much dust and pollen in the air right now (Sahara dust yesterday - the sky was ochre, and cars parked along the road were covered in it as I walked to my parents' after work).

      Faith, hope and charity; the song by the Specials (or was it already under the name of Fun Boy Three?) comes to mind.

      And haven't times always been interesting?

  3. I'm sorry you were both sick but I'm happy you are better now! The time spent with your Mum and sister sounds wonderful. I'm glad you were able to enjoy that and your Dinnede before you started feeling bad. I'm sure it felt good for both you and O.K. to get back together for a hike the following weekend. Take care and enjoy Spring!

    1. I'm pretty much back to normal by now, Bonnie, and have not woken up with a headache in a week.
      This coming weekend I'll be again at O.K.'s, and I'm hoping that the weather will be right for a good long walk or hike among blossoming trees. That period is so short - before you look twice, the orchards have shed their pretty spring flowers and are dressed in tender green.

  4. Glad to hear you are both on the mend. So frustrating to get these things just as the nicer weather arrives.

    1. Frustrating but typical! I have not had a proper cold in two years, I think. Wearing a mask on public transport and in shops etc. has made a difference there, too.
      I'm back to normal now and fully intend to enjoy any good walking weather this spring is offering.

  5. It's good to know that you are both back on track so to speak. The thing is that there are still all the 'old' ailments still floating around. Anyway I hope that you both stay well and enjoy a spring and summer of walks which we can anjoy vicariously through your descriptions and photos.

    1. Thank you, Graham. Yes, other ailments - old and new - are still around.
      I hope to provide more vicarious enjoyment here on my blog soon!

  6. Glad to know that you both felt ill for only a short time and are now back to your usual selves with a spring in your step. Rapidly rising numbers of Covid around us now that people have abandoned mask wearing. (Not me!)
    Good weather today, hurrah, I've been working in the garden.

    1. Numbers here are breaking records week after week and yet there is talk of loosening restrictions... I shall keep wearing a mask on public transport, in shops etc., too.
      Working in your garden must feel so good on a beautiful spring day!

  7. I hope that you gave OK's back a vigorous massage! You are in general a very healthy woman so that bug that struck you down was a rather unpleasant mystery.

    1. It was rather unpleasant; I hate the feeling of wasting a beautiful weekend day, not setting a foot out of my door, and I hate feeling tired all the time.