Thursday, 16 June 2022

Read in 2022 - 15: To Sin By Silence

To Sin By Silence (A DI Ellis Yorkshire Crime Thriller Book 1)
by Oliver Davies

Here was yet another free ebook to entice the reader to buy more of the series, and once again, I guess the strategy has worked with me - I have not yet bought the next book(s) but am most likely going to do so.

A convicted paedophile is murdered shortly after ending his prison sentence. At the same time, a young man, friendly and kind with not a cruel bone in him, is accused of possessing child pornography. Coincidence? DI Ellis does not think so, and soon finds himself investigating both cases.

Things are not made easier by him being newly partnered with someone who seems to actively dislike and distrust him, nor by the fact that he knows the young man through their common hobby. Having to juggle family duties with a somewhat belligerent ex-wife and work does not help, either.

The evidence does not add up - has it been planted? Could a person be in two places at once, and show a completely different personality to various people? Is it a case of Jekyll & Hyde, or have they overlooked something (or someone)?

How the cases develop is rather gripping, and I really found myself looking forward to the next chapter. There was not much in terms of gruesome detail but more in the way of psychologically trying to get to the bottom of things, just the way I prefer it.

Places around Yorkshire, with a National Trust managed ruined abbey, flooding river and farmland, felt familiar, as did some of the characters such as the upright busybody who finds the murder victim at the start of the book.

In the end, I was not at all surprised at the outcome, but somehow the way the murder is described at the beginning through the eyes of the murderer did not completely add up for me with what came to light later. Still, I enjoyed the book and the main characters enough to want to read more.

The author's website is here; you can learn more about his books and even the various detectives he has created, as well as about himself.


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