Thursday 24 March 2011

A Birthday in Three Stages

First of all, a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who so kindly thought of me on my birthday! All your messages were very welcome and appreciated. If it had been possible, I would have asked everyone over to my place to join in the celebration(s) :-)

My birthday started with plenty of sun and a text message from a friend in Singapur at 6.38 in the morning - she was the first to wish me well.
From then on, the day was a never-ending str
eam of emails and text messages, with a few phone calls in between, and I felt immensely popular, enjoying all the attention :-D

Since I am between jobs (starting the new one on the 2nd of May), I had time to have my parents and my sister over for coffee and cake in the afternoon.
My mum made an apple cake and something that, strictly speaking, is not a cake, as it does not need baking, but a dessert: it is called "Kalter Hund" (cold dog) and consists of many layers of chocolate and bisquits. If anyone wants the recipe, I am happy to post it in a seperate entry. My parents also brought flowers, gifts and the 43 candles you can see in the picture!

Of course I did not manage to blow them all out at once, but I am not worried about that - one of my biggest wishes for this year, to find a better job, has already come true anyway :-)
We shared a bottle of Freixenet and the mood was, as you can see, very good!
In the evening, the second stage of my birthday celebration was held at the Irish Pub where I met with some friends. We took part in the pub quiz and it did not matter that this time, we did not win; it was still a fun night out.

Stage Three is planned for tomorrow night, when most of my (working!) friends have time... I will make piz
za, and it will be very similar to the non-birthday do I had last year. I am already looking forward to it, and will be doing some shopping today and tomorrow to get everything ready.


  1. What a GREAT birthday photo. I just love your yellow boa and the glow on your face.

  2. What a great birthday celebration! I'd love the recipe if you have time to post it! Again, have a very Happy Birthday!


  3. I'm heartbroken, crestfallen and miserable that I did not remember your birthday! Although I guess I never knew when it was. Probably on your Profile which means I'm also unattentive to details. Anyhow...happy birthday. Surely not 43!

  4. Jill, thank you! Isn't the boa a great present from my mum? :-) She knows how to make me happy!

    Mary, I'll post the recipe as soon as possible.

    Mark, surely yes, 43 it is! And don't worry - I don't even think I have put my birthday on my profile. It is on the 22nd of March, same as William Shatner :-D

  5. Sorry i am late, but it does look like fun,
    what is that you are drinking? like champagne?

  6. No problem, Julie - I am happy to see you drop in any time :-)
    It's similar to champagne, yes, but the Spanish (Catalan) version of it, called cava. I like it better than real champagne because it is sweeter, even the semi-secco one.

  7. What a lovely, lovely day! I so enjoyed reading each part of it.

  8. It was indeed a lovely, lovely day, Nan :-)
    One of many, actually - I am leading such a good life these days it is almost criminal!!