Friday, 23 December 2011

Getting Ready

...for Christmas is what our weather here was really trying, but unlike last year, when we had a proper White Christmas like the one you see on postcards and hear about in songs, we'll have a grey-green-brown one by the looks of it.

At the beginning of this month, we still had some rather mild days and - finally! - some badly needed rain. Most days, the sun came out at some stage, and it often made for beautiful and unusual light outside, as I hope this picture of the well-known view from my kitchen window, taken on the 6th, shows:

When I woke up on the 20th and went to the kitchen to feed the cat and get myself a mug of coffee, I was pleased to see this:

It did not stop snowing until about 3.00 in the afternoon, and shortly after noon, the view was this:

Now, I am absolutely no fan of winter and cold and snow, but so close to Christmas and it being the first proper snow in our area for the season, I quite liked it and wished for it to stay until the 26th or so.
Well, it did not do me that favour, but that does not mean I am not very much looking forward to Christmas Eve and the TWO WEEKS I have time off after that!

On Monday night, a friend and I did our annual shift on the Christmas market. My friend is, unlike me, quite religious and involved in church activities. Her brother works for a charity project called Tarango; you can find out more about it on the project website here. Some years ago, she asked me whether I'd like to help her sell some of the products the Bangladeshi women have made, and I thought, why not? Ever since, it has become our own tradition to do this once a year for a few hours. It is not much, but it is what I can do to calm my guilty conscience a little towards all those bitterly poor and disadvantaged people out there, and because I know some of the people involved personally, I trust that in this case, the money really goes to those who need it and is spent wisely.

Here I am at our stall; I must admit I do not buy any of the tablecloths, coasters, bags, scarves and knick-knacks myself; they are just not my style (and you all know I don't like clutter), but I still want to contribute in a small way, offering my free time once a year. It has the added benefit of spending time with my friend, who, although we do not live far from each other, I only see about twice a year.

Today is my last working day for this year; not much is happening, and there aren't many customers I can still call, so I am allowing myself to write this post. And later, I am going to wrap the presents I will take to my parents' tomorrow night.
The ones that came from England are already waiting here to be opened on Christmas morning:

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Your Santa made me smile.

    Thank you for your Christmas wishes. I wish you a happy Christmas in return.

  2. Du Glückliche.
    Bei euch hat es ja schon ziemlich "stark" geschneit. Das einzige was bei mir zu Hause vom Himmel fällt sind Regentropfen über Regentropfen.

    Die Aussicht von deinem Küchenfenster aus ist aber genial. (:


  3. I love the pic of when you first woke up and saw the snow coming down! I'm there an attack on Christmas in Germany like we have here in America? We're not suppose to say Merry Christmas or call it a Christmas tree anymore. That is politically incorrect. It's Happy Holiday and a holiday tree or unity tree or any other nonsense they can come up with. I was just wondering if this is a global thing or just us crazy Americans. But I will say to you..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. Thank you, GB! And a merry pool party for you :-D

    Mella, lies nochmal ;-) Ich hatte dazu geschrieben, dass die Schnee-Bilder vom 20. sind... Mittlerweile ist hier auch nur noch grau und Regen, aber das ändert nichts daran, dass ich mich sehr auf morgen freue!

    Peggy, thank you! It was indeed a beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning. Well, there are those in Germany who want everything to be politically correct, but most people are sensible enough to call a Christmas tree just that, and so far I have not met anyone who was in any way offended when I wished them Merry Christmas.

  5. Wow eine schöne Schneelandschaft, habt ihr gehabt.
    Bei uns regnet es nur jeden Tag, Schneeregen war auch dabei, aber nichts weiß.
    Ich wünsche dir (Meks) ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest im Kreise deiner Familie und alles Gute für das neue Jahr!!!
    Merry Christmas and happy new Year!!!

  6. Vielen Dank, lieb von dir :-) Für dich und deine Familie wünsche ich das auch!

  7. We don't have any snow, really weird for New England. Though I'd like to see some, I hate driving in it, so I'm feeling OK that there's no white xmas this year. Happy Holidays!

  8. Sonia, I know what you mean - it was impossible this time last year to get from A to B by car; the roads were not cleared because there was no salt available anywhere. No problem like that this year! Happy Holidays to you, too :-)

  9. Love that snowy view from your window! And that's wonderful to help your friend with the goods made by the women from Bangladesh.
    Hope to see that Christmas tree soon with the real candles!
    I will celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve too, but my husband and son will both be working. My sisters and brothers and my Dad will all go to Athens (Ha ha!, Athens, GEORGIA, that is...that is where my sister, Pam lives!) and we will have a nice lunch and have the rest of the day to enjoy. Then, we all go home and enjoy a restful day at home on Christmas.
    Hope YOU have a wonderful time!
    (So happy to have found you on your blog this year! :-))

  10. Thank you, Kay, you are sweet and I, too, am glad that we got to know each other here on blogland this year! The real candles Christmas tree will be up soon, I promise :-) Have you seen the pictures from last year's Christmas Eve?

  11. Merry Christmas Librarian! And thank you for having our snow for us! I love the photos, but hate the pesky cold wet stuff!

  12. Macy, it was gone the very next day here, and so whoever has that snow for you now, it is not me :-)
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  13. Come sono belle le foto del panorama che si vede dalla tua cucina!!!Io adoro la neve, ma purtroppo da noi nevica raramente!e' lodevole l'iniziativa a cui hai partecipato con il tuo amico...cara librarian, ti auguro di passare un sereno Natale accanto ai tuoi cari!Ti abbraccio!

  14. Grazie, Cri, e buon Natale anche a te e ai tuoi! La neve e il freddo non mi piaciono, ma in questo periodo dell'anno non mi lamento se nevica :-)

  15. Merry Christmas Librarian!

    I've just come to the end of a really tough year work-wise and have been letting my hair down a little....hope you have a great couple of weeks off too!

    All the best for the new year.


  16. Then 2012 can only get better for you, can't it, Ben :-) Thank you! To you and yours, have a relaxing time and keep warm.
    - Meike.

  17. Dear Libby, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Holiday. Mine was peaceful. That's a good thing! It looks as if you were totally spoiled...which is the way it should be!

  18. Linda, they always spoil me lots, my family and friends! I did so enjoy Christmas, and it saddens me to read about people who dread the holidays for one reason or other. Glad to hear you had a peaceful time, too.